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Ee or cs, and what to do with math

  1. Nov 28, 2011 #1
    I am two days away from applying to transfer to a CS program, but reading my physics text reminded me of how awesome it is to be able to use the math that I've worked so hard to learn in practical applications. I like what I know about CS and programming, but now that I think about it it does not seem like there is nearly as much math going on there, at least not calculus. This post is simply an expression of my fear that by going for CS I'll be walking away from really practical skills that I've acquired over the past few years, skills that are valuable and needed in fields like power engineering. It may sound like EE is a better major if I want to stick with math, but I'm attracted to the flexible hours of many CS jobs and I do like the logic problems of programming. Computer engineering may also be a good compromise but I don't know if the programs available really do the kind of EE that would be useful in power or other EE fields if I decided later to go that route. Thoughts??? Thanks.
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    double in EE/CS. . . look at the MIT programs in the EECS dept and see if you can concentrate in one of those areas.
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