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EE textbooks...to keep or not to keep?

  1. May 16, 2015 #1
    So I am junior EE student and was wondering whether i should keep my upper level courses' textbooks or not. I have my lower level courses' textbooks simply because my brother will be coming in to TAMU in the future, but I'm confused as to what to do with my upper level books (rent or buy). Here are a list of my courses. I will obviously keep my elective courses' textbooks, just not sure about upper level.

    ECEN 214: Circuit Theory
    ECEN 248: Introduction to Digital Logic Design
    ECEN 303: Random Signals and Systems
    ECEN 314: Signals and Systems
    ECEN 322: Electric and Magnetic Field
    ECEN 350: Computer Arch. and Design
    ECEN 370: Electrical Properties of Materials
    ECEN 325: Electronics
    PHYS 222: Modern Physics
    ISEN 302: Engineering Economic Analysis

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  3. May 16, 2015 #2
    I'd sell them back. More and more PDFs are getting put on the web for public view and eventually all the material from textbooks for undergraduate level course will be available online (at least for math/physics/engineering). The value of the book will just continue to decrease the longer you hold onto it. I kept my Linear Algebra textbook to help me with my physics courses, but I never looked at it once. I could have sold it back to the school for 80 dollars, but they stopped using the texts and they now sell on amazon for a few bucks.
  4. May 17, 2015 #3
    I was a poor college student and sold mine. I've always regretted it. (Well the being poor part anyway; I liked the food I bought with the money.:rolleyes:)

    So I guess it depends on your life. I agree with JohnRior3 that you will almost never use them. But someday you will need some obscure information in one and know just where the information is -- if you have the book. Knowing where the tables are and how the information is arranged can save time sorting through the 10,000 adverts Google will spam you with. But is it worth lugging them around for 30 years? If you have a nice parents' attic, probably. If you commute all over the world, probably not.

    EE214 and EE248 should probably go if you can get money for them. I doubt there's any obscure information in them.
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    Do you plan to be an engineer? If so, keep the books; if not, then sell them.

    You most certainly did not learn everything in the books, and later, if needed to solve a problem, your own familiar texts are the easiest place to start to look for information (the place to start, not necessarily end up there!).

    I still have and regularly us a number of texts from my own college education over 50 years ago.
  6. May 18, 2015 #5


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    You never know what books you will need to go back and use.
    It depends on what field you go into.

    That being said, your engineering economic analysis book is most likely useless now (IMO)
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