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Effect of gravity on time dilation.

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    Can anyone tell me What is the relationship between the orbital radius of a satellite and the time gained per second due to its weaker gravity at its altitude?
    In relation to that how much time does the International Space station lose per-second due to weaker gravity at its altitude?
    Also What about a GPS? How much time does it gain if it is on Earth?

    I have read some articles but i have yet to found the exact value. Very interested in the values. Please help. Thanks
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    The apparent clock rate of a satellite will be affected firstly by its orbital motion. From Newtonian mechanics and assuming a circular orbit, mv2/r = GMm/r2, implying the orbital velocity is v2/c2 = GM/c2r and γ = 1/√(1-v2/c2) ≈ 1 + GM/2c2r.

    According to Wikipedia the Schwarzschild radius of the Earth is 2GM/c2 = 8.9mm. The radius of the Earth is r = 6378 km, so for a surface-skimming satellite, γ ≈ 1 + 3.5 x 10-10.

    Secondly, the effect of the gravitational potential. ds2 = (1-2GM/c2r) dt2, so ds/dt = √(1-2GM/c2r) ≈ 1 - GM/c2r. Larger by a factor of two, but what matters here is that you must take the difference between the gravitational potential at the surface vs the potential at the orbit.
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    See attached.
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