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Efficient Methods of Green House Heating

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    Hello. I'm planning on building a green house in my garden with a wind powered heating element to help sustain higher temperatures. I live in a windy area (North Sotland) so wind prevolance is no problem. Would an element be the best way to this or are there better methods of converting electricity to heat? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    A simple heating element is about as efficient as you can get, although why not use black material and go with a cheap solar approach? Would the day night temperature swings be a problem?
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    Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the idea of the wind turbine was to compesate for night temperatures and to give a longer growing season without wholy depending on solar energy. Maybe an underground heat store could also help out. But i suppose it perhaps unnecessarily adds to complexity and cost.
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    Stone flooring tiles might be another option. They'll heat up during the day and slowly release their heat overnight.
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    Some gardeners put a big water trough in their greenhouse for the same effect; providing a large thermal mass to even out day/night temperature fluctuations.
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