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Outdoor WoodBurner = Indoor Heat suggestions?

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    ok so I'm in a private rented property in the uk, been here years and don't plan on moving out any time soon, however in the winter ive been finding its ridiculous trying to heat the 1 room in the house that me and my partner spend so much time ... the living room (lounge to some people), its got a pretty modern electric fire but I try not to use it as you can almost hear the electric meter laughing as it spins out of its casing, walls have been done but its all single glazed and I cant get the landlord to fork out for new windows so I was just thinking as a side thought as I like building things is it possible to heat the house or atleast the living room without physically putting anything in the house, then I came up with a possible part solution ive got a nice little wood burning stove sitting on my patio would it be possible to heat a room somehow using this without the obvious and putting it inside.

    more of a suggestion thread really, and yes I am aware I could buy thicker curtains, put egg shells on my walls glue carpet to my windows wrap up in 35 layers etc :) its more of a question of can anyone think of a way of getting the heat from my patio heater into my living room safely and cleanly :)

    ooh I attached a rough drawing of my downstairs layout the kitchen is on a single story extension :)

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    Main question is - will wood be cheaper than electricity? No matter how you organize things, you will need several cubic meters (no idea how the wood is sold/measured in UK) per season.
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    Electricity for me with my supplier is 20p per kwh thats ... somethin around $0.30 ish per kwh US so it adds up when running a 3kw electric heater over our 11 month winters ;), wood however is usually freely available from where i work in the form of crates/pallets atleast in the amounts i would use so the theory is there that if it was possible to use the wood heater in the room itself i would be saving money but at the same time there is a simple satisfaction to being around roaring fire
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    I would recommend shrink film for your windows. It's cheap, fast, and requires no wood.
    DIY Window Insulation: Shrink-wrap plastic

    If you check out the insulating (R-value) of glass, it's at the bottom of the list: Typical per-unit-thickness R-values for material

    And the values listed are for a 1 inch thick piece of material. I'm guessing window glass is around 1/10 of an inch thick, so you would have to divide the value given by 10. This yields a value of 0.014.
    Compare that to the R-value of 1/2 inch of air: R ≈ 1.5, and you will see that single pane glass is about 100 times more thermally conductive, compared to a window with the film.

    Now if you've ever looked at double pane windows, you will notice that the gap is very consistent from one window to the next. There is a reason for this. The optimal distance is around 0.6 inches. The reasoning is a bit complicated. At distances above 0.6 inches, air is more free to move, and convective currents will be generated, actually reducing the R-value. Below 0.6 inches, the R-value is linearly dependent on the thickness of the air, so a 0.3 inch gap will be twice as conductive as a 0.6 inch gap.

    As for an outside wood burning heating system, that gets quite complicated, is going to probably cost several hundred pounds, and will probably not work very well, unless you spend at least a thousand pounds.

    You might be able to hobble together a "tent stove" system that fits in your living area, with the flue running out one of your windows. But then, people might think you are a bit strange. What we here in the colonies call, a "redneck".

    Example: Colorado Cylinder Stoves - Stove Mat/Tent Shield
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