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Electric Field Effect on Quantum Well

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    Hello everybody !

    Recently i heard that, application of an electric field onto a quantum well tilts the quatum well
    and changes its 2-D density of states to 3-D bulk density. Is this true..?
    Can any body give some more information or reference on this..?

    Thanks for any Help.
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    The application of a constant electric field makes it so that the bottom of the quantum well is slanted, but the sides remain vertical.

    I couldn't comment on how the density of states would change, except to say that above a certain energy (larger than the tall side of the slant) I think the density of states should have the same functional form as the regular 1D box.
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    Thanks for your reply, Please check this Slide's 9th page,
    there we can see step like 2-d density of states (DOS) merging to form 3-D DOS under bias.
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