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Homework Help: Electric field inside the cavity of a sphere.

  1. Apr 10, 2012 #1
    If a conducting sphere having a cavity inside it is placed in an electric field then what will be the field inside the cavity?And is there any charge induced in the cavity?I have many doubt about it give a good discussion about it.. :confused:
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    all such question have a single core. that is net electric field inside metal is zero. sine they have free electrons so if their will any electric field then they will move according to electric forces(valid only if electric field is not too large))
    electric field inside cavity will remain zero(even if you put some charge on it).
    i assume that you sphere is initially electrically neutral.
    no netcharge will appear on the outer body of sphere.(it's isolated) however there will some charge in front part and same amount of opposite charge will come in other parts.
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    In case of static electric field, the field is zero inside the metal and it is zero inside the cavity unless some charge has been placed into the cavity. There will be induced charge distributed on the outer surface of the conducting sphere.

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