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Homework Help: Electrical energy to heat energy

  1. Nov 8, 2008 #1
    ok all i can find on google is Heat to Electrical so i thought id ask here.
    how exactly do i explain how electrical energy is converted to heat energy?

    right now I have this:
    As the voltage travells through the coil wire, the wire gives off heat.

    it doesnt feel like enough. "the electrons bounce around the coil wire at high speeds, causing a rise in heat." is that correct? do you think i am missing anything?
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    'bounce' is a rather vague term. I would go for something along the lines of 'As the electrons move, they 'collide' with the metal atoms that make up the wire. As this occurs, some of the kinetic energy of the electrons is transferred to the atoms, which excites them and makes them move a lot faster. Heat energy is in the random motion of atoms, so as the atoms move faster, the more heat the wire gives off.'
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