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Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering?

  1. Mar 22, 2012 #1
    Hi everyone, I just got my Journeyman ticket as a heavy duty mechanic and finally amassed enough money to go back to school. I want to get a bachelors degree in either Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. The choice is haunting me I don't no what to do. I think I would be happy in either fields. Being a Heavy Duty Mechanic I have the fundamentals of Fluid Power, and Thermodynamics, and a lot of practical experience, which would definitely help with Mechanical Engineering. Although since I got my first computer I have been hooked on them. I have read as many books as I can about the designs of computers and computer components, and got into computer programming C/C++ and C#, and a little bit of x86 assembly.

    Most of the schools I look at don't offer Dual Degrees in engineering (From Canada), not that I would really want to because I wouldn't be able to take many specialization electives, and the workload would be way over my head. I don't consider myself being a genius, and I actually had terrible grades in school, mostly because I never tried, and the kids I hung out with. I have always been good at math and physics. When it comes to electronics and mechanics I have always been an exceptionally well learner.

    I am not worried about money, if I was I would continue on as a heavy duty mechanic, so that is not an issue. I would be happy doing either as a profession. I want to explore a less charted area if you catch my drift, which area would have a bigger possibility of uncovering something that would make a difference? (Sorry if that doesn't make sense).

    Any comments, suggestions, and other information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your time.
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    I talked to a guy that works as an electrical engineer whereas as I myself am more interested in the mechanical side of things. He flat out said that he was not at all interested in things that are mechanical but he loves his job. So my first thought for you would be, which do you like better?

    The mechanical sciences or electrical engineering?

    Your skills with computers (and interests) will be very helpful for you, and I know that as a mechanical engineer you may end up designing systems on computers so maybe that will be your knack. But if you find that when you take some classes on circuit analysis and design then that will be your calling!

    Anyways, my answer is: if you like the mechanical things then do mechanical engineering because you obviously will do well because you have already applied some knowledge in those areas. And you will, no matter what, get to work with computers as an EE or an ME. Whadya think?
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    Oh and another thing that may interest you: mechatronics (totally forgot about it for some reason...) applying both EE and ME! Maybe you would love that, you should check it out on google or something.
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