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Electro Weak Unification Theory

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    Hello all,
    I'm curious about Electro Weak relationship.
    I differentiate between mechanism and mathematics, with the equilibrium falling heavily to the left.
    Good with the former, weaker with the latter.
    Anybody aware of relevant philosophy/findings?
    Thanks much.
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    The mathematics is the physics. Descriptions in words are always just attempts to describe the formulas, and they are never very accurate.
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    I've always considered math to be a language. Translation can be difficult.
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    For the Glashow-Weinberg-Salam Electroweak theory, I do not think there is any deep philosophical reason behind. Basically, electromagnetic interaction and weak have certain similarities (in particular the photon and the Z boson), and it is assumed that this similarity has certain underlying relationship with one or more parameter (it is the Weinberg mixing angle between the more fundamental B and W3 fields).

    This parameter is measured to be none zero. However, I do not think being zero would break any established theory, at least in the standard model regime (in which Weinberg angle is a free parameter). Therefore GWS electroweak is to some extent phenomenological. If you are looking for 'philosophical' reasons, you might need more sophisticated unification theories in which the Weinberg mixing angle is a derived constant instead of a free parameter.
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