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Medical Electroencephalography questions

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    SO they characterize it into alpha,beta,gamma,and delta waves. Are those just different behavioral patterns of the same wave or distinct waves that can all be seen on the same diagram? There isn't a good explanation of the electroencephalography anywhere - not in my neuroscience textbook, not on Wikipedia, they only describe what different amplitudes of each means...
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    Alpha, beta, gamma and delta "waves" are not strictly waves, but are bands of the frequency spectrum of the EEG. Different cognitive states (such as attention or sleep) tend to be associated with different proportions of power in the different EEG bands. I think the current thinking is that the EEG arises from coordinated activity across neuronal populations, and may indicate cooperation among brain areas. This link has a neat summary of the different bands (note that this link goes to a company that claims to "boost your potential" by manipulating these waves).
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    Maybe you've seen this site. It goes into some detail regarding your thread.

    From: http://www.bli.unizh.ch/BLI/Subhome/enceph.html [Broken]
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    I read somewhere that the brainwaves of less complex animals have a higher frequency than the more complex ones. What is the explanation for this?
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