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Electrolytic cell voltage vs amperage graph

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    I have been running several experiments on an electrolytic cell, and I am trying to determine if side products are being formed at higher voltages. My thinking is that once the initial potential barrier is broken, and the resistance stabilizes, a volt vs amperage graph should be linear if it is the same product being made throughout. Once a new product is being made, a change in resistance (likely decrease, as new ions are added to the mix) would happen, and there would be either a jump, or a change in slope on the graph.

    Is my thinking off base? I have a graph ranging from about 2.2V up to 7.8V, and I get an R2 value of 0.9997. Would this not be a very good indication that the increased voltage is not causing other reactions?
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    James Pelezo

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    You will need to be more definitive about your cell components;i.e., electrolyte solution used or if using a melt system, composition of electrodes, power source as well as more detail on your plan of interest.
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