What is Amperage: Definition and 48 Discussions

An electric current is a stream of charged particles, such as electrons or ions, moving through an electrical conductor or space. It is measured as the net rate of flow of electric charge through a surface or into a control volume. The moving particles are called charge carriers, which may be one of several types of particles, depending on the conductor. In electric circuits the charge carriers are often electrons moving through a wire. In semiconductors they can be electrons or holes. In a electrolyte the charge carriers are ions, while in plasma, an ionized gas, they are ions and electrons.The SI unit of electric current is the ampere, or amp, which is the flow of electric charge across a surface at the rate of one coulomb per second. The ampere (symbol: A) is an SI base unit Electric current is measured using a device called an ammeter.Electric currents create magnetic fields, which are used in motors, generators, inductors, and transformers. In ordinary conductors, they cause Joule heating, which creates light in incandescent light bulbs. Time-varying currents emit electromagnetic waves, which are used in telecommunications to broadcast information.

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  1. A

    Exploring 3 Phase Wire Amperage: Understanding Ampere Rules and Calculations

    If you have 3 phase power and let's say line A & B = 10 amperes line B & C = 10 amperes line C & A = 10 amperes For the single line B. Since it's in both in the first and second lines, then B can experience 10 + 10 = 20 Amperes? Or is it 15 A or still 10 Ampere? Thank you.
  2. callie123

    How easily can a high amperage electric fence be shorted out?

    Researching for a Scifi novel that depends heavily upon electricity...something I don't know much about! Any input would be appreciated! My situation: Somebody is trying to sneak through a high powered electric fence. Is it at all feasible to short out the fence somehow -- like, connecting it...
  3. C

    How to calculate the accurate capacity of a battery?

    I'm trying to figure out how to calculate how much energy is stored in a battery between certain voltages. I know capacity is traditionally calculated by multiplying amps drawn by nominal voltage by time, but this seems like an approximation because voltage decreases as the battery is...
  4. J

    "converting" volts to watts

    So, I know the basic equation of W=V*A, but how would I physically do this in a circuit? Say I have 90W=19V*4.74A (http://www.chargerbuy.com/replacement-hp-90w-smart-ac-adapter-19v-474a.html?gclid=CjwKEAiAi-_FBRCZyPm_14CjoyASJAClUigOPligEwQ9DD87xaDL8SQcvxNtWCeo_2nl68GmdozOoxoCbW3w_wcB) for...
  5. T

    Batteries connected in parallel - Amps won´t add up?

    Batteries are connected in parallel. Multimeter shows: 1,5V AND... "0.12A" regardless of battery number. Volts stay the same but should not Amps add up in parallel? "0.12A" with 4, 5 or 6 batteries... Details: Amps measured correctly by closing the circuit with multimeter probes (bulb lights...
  6. Ali Durrani

    What amount of amperage do i need for electrolysis of water?

    ok i want to make 1g/sec of hydrogen out of an unlimited supply of water, i know the electrolysis won't start below 1.48 volts, let suppose i am supplying 2 volts of DC current, i need to find out the total wattage for electrolysis, for this i need the amount of current required to produce 1...
  7. P

    Is the circuit breaker amperage the rms amperage

    The circuit breakers of my house say that they are 15a (the majority of them). The rms voltage is 120v for the outlets, and so the peak voltage is about 170v. I was wondering, if I hypthetically connected the terminals together with a 10 ohm resistor, would the breaker trip? I don't know if the...
  8. L

    Electrolytic cell voltage vs amperage graph

    Hello. I have been running several experiments on an electrolytic cell, and I am trying to determine if side products are being formed at higher voltages. My thinking is that once the initial potential barrier is broken, and the resistance stabilizes, a volt vs amperage graph should be linear...
  9. K

    Amperage the same in Series Circuits?

    If current is always the same in a series circuit then how is a transformer able to make the current smaller when it increases the voltage? is this just an exception since with the voltage being higher the same amount of power is being provided?
  10. UMath1

    Voltage in Circuits: Explaining Voltage Drops & Flow

    I feel that I don't understand how voltage works in a circuit. I understand voltage to be electric potential energy per unit charge (kq/r). In the case of a circuit, electrons flow from low potential to high potential. But I don't understand how resistors cause a voltage drop. Isn't voltage...
  11. L

    Electrical amperage question

    Im looking into getting an electrician... but it drives me crazy when I don't know why something is done a certain way. I bought a Bendpak 10000 lb automotive lift. the motor supplied is 220 single phase or 3 phase (i am using single phase) the motor for 220 single phase is supplied with a...
  12. J

    How to charge a low amperage battery?

    I have a motorcycle battery which is 6Ah, with a maximum charging current of 0.6A/h. Is there a method of charging it whilst using a 2.7Adc (4A RMS) charger? I was thinking using resistors in parallel or series between the charger and the battery, but I am not sure exactly how.
  13. N

    I need formulas explaining Voltage and Amperage

    I had been looking at my Grandpa's Trike and here are some of its stats: 1 HP 24V 42.4A 3200rpm (battery 2 12V 700-800A connected in series) my concluded watts per horsepower about 1017.6 w/HP Now a different motor Tesla's Model S's motor 416HP 2 motors 85kWh battery concluded watts per...
  14. M

    Amperage used versus amperage billed

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum, and hoping someone in here can help figure out the answer to my dilemma. I'm debating whether to build a new phase converter for a 3 phase welder, or reconfigure my current welder from 230VAC to 460VAC. I know the standard equation for watts is- Watts =...
  15. M

    Amperage draw versus Air flow VFD Fan

    I have a VFD fan that pushes air through a filter. Over time, downstream resistance gets higher due to the filter. Fan speed remains constant. We have looked at amperage draw and it has remained stable even with this added resistance. Does that mean that air flow remains constant? Kind of...
  16. Newtons Apple

    High Voltage or High Amperage ?

    Hey everyone, I wish to spark no heated debate, but is it possible, to have a flow of electriciy with a high voltage amount but at low amps? Or vice versa, low voltage but very high amps? What would need such dis-proportioned measurements? And finally, which would be more deadly. Is...
  17. M

    Total amperage in a service panel

    Hello everyone. This is my first post, I hope I'm in the right place. I'm a home inspector and belong to a group who posts topics about various different things including electrical questions. The question was asked about an electrical panel which housed two 60 amp main fuses. The service...
  18. R

    Amperage of 50 farads at 12 volts

    Dear Experts If I have 50 farads at 12 v, does this mean this power bank can discharge 600amps in 1 second based on 1 farad = 1 amp per second per volt ? Thanks for reading. Regards Ramone
  19. C

    Increasing amperage in simple circuit

    I am currently in an engineering project which is attempting to hook up some solar panels to run an irrigation pump. Right now, the pump that we have is a marine Bilge pump that says that at 12 Volts and 7 Amperes it can pump at around 3.3 Gallons Per Minute. We were provided with a standard...
  20. T

    Does amperage matter in induction motors?

    if i increase the amperage in an induction motor, will the induction motor spin faster? and vise versa?
  21. K

    Designing a device off of given voltage and amperage values?

    Homework Statement You are working with a device in a black box which has two terminals, which are in turn, part of a larger circuit. You measure the voltage and the current at the terminals and record the following: vi (V) | i1 (A) 100 | 0 120 | 4 140 | 8 160 | 12 180 | 16 a...
  22. P

    What are the Adavantages of High Amperage?

    What are the advantages of having high amperage? By the way, I'm rather new to electronics. I know that having high-voltage reduces the energy loss through the wire, and you don't need as thick a wire. But I cannot find the advantages of high amperage on the internet. This may be due to my...
  23. M

    Seniority of Wattage vs. Amperage

    Was wondering if I kept the wattage for say a 100 watt bulb constant but varied the voltage would the light be able to continue functioning normally? Also, assuming this is true does this hold for more complicated circuitry? Thanks.
  24. R

    Calculating Amperage from a 3 Farad Capacitor

    Dear Experts I bought some 3 Farad electrolytic capacitors at 2.5v each. I am wondering how much amperage can i get from 1 such capacitors if charged fully and then discharged fully? I think this is measured in Amp-hours. Is there a formula to derive the amperage from the capacitor's...
  25. N

    Power Supply Amperage Question

    Hello. I am trying to wire 40 LED bulbs to a power supply i bought with them. Each bulb has a forward current of 100 mA. So, I calculated I would need 4 amps of current to power the lights if I wired them all in parallel. However, the power supply I purchased Says 12V DC 12.5 Amp. Is that...
  26. R

    Small solar cell high amperage

    dear experts i saw a solar charger the size of an iphone that has high amperage rating of over 1000mA to 2000mA. Based on the solar cell size i estimate it to produce at most 250mA at around 5 volts. I like to know how the high amperageis derived. is it using super capacitors ? if...
  27. C

    Maximum Battery Charging Amperage

    Hi all, I am trying to determine what is the maximum number of amps I can charge 4 batteries that are in parallel and series ( 4x12V batteries) to produce 24 volts. I have the specs on the batteries and everything but can not seem to determine how many amps they can handle when being...
  28. J

    Leyden jar resulting amperage

    I need to figure out how to correctly calculate the Current being created from a leyden jar I have. I am attaching a print screen of a matchcad calculation that shows what I have done. However, I am calculating extremely high amperage. I believe my calculation is correct down to my charge, but I...
  29. J

    Formula for RLC circuit amperage

    Does anyone have a formula for the current in a series RCL circuit, if I have the: resonance frequency, current at resonance, capacitance (only one resistor, one capacitor, and one inductor), the voltage of the battery attached, and resistance?
  30. R

    High voltage high amperage supply

    Hello there i have an idea i want to try to build and i want to see what you think. I want to build a tesla coil that instead of making high voltage low amperage switch the coil sizes around so i have something that makes high amperage and low voltage say about 300-500 amps. Then i...
  31. S

    What amperage in this wire?

    My cars factory wire diagram is not that helpful - If a wire is feeding a terminal block that supplies 12v to a 20amp circuit (power windows) and the other is a 30amp circuit (A/C), and the possibility exists for both circuits to be drawing max amperage, shouldn't that main supply wire be able...
  32. R

    High voltage and high amperage

    What happens if you take a high amperage supply from a transformer so that current was forced to flow a certain way in a conductor and you arc a high voltage supply over to this conductor also would you have high amperage and high voltage?
  33. B

    Electrical Questions for Beginners: Voltage & Amperage Effects

    i wanted to say hi and i have a couple questions. I'm letting everyone know that i have the electrical understanding of a basic beginner. first question: what are the effects of a voltage multiplier on amperage? second question: is there an amperage multiplier? thanks.
  34. Philosophaie

    Household Amperage: Typical Usage & Power

    What is the typical Amperage that comes into a normal household?
  35. S

    Amperage of a Voltaic Cell

    Hello all, I am an AP Chemistry student currently studying electrochemistry. The other day, some friends of mine and I discovered some waste copper oxide laying around the lab. We thought, "Why not reduce all the copper out of this?", and so we set to work. We got our experiment...
  36. D

    Understanding Amperage for Automobile Headlight Bulb

    I am trying to understand a personal dilemma. I would like to hook up an automobile headlight bulb to a custom made battery pack. What I don't understand is how amps are related to the circuit. Let's say I took (2) 6volt lantern batteries and wired them in a parallel circuit. Now that would be...
  37. U

    Set voltages and amperage for devices

    I see some devices have voltage and amperage ratings on them. Are these just the recommended operating conditions? Or are they something else? Also, how do engineers determine how much voltage and current does a circuit need? I see ratings for resistivity as well. Why does resistivity...
  38. K

    Converting amperage to voltage

    Does anyone know of a way to convert AC amperage to voltage? I need a way to do this so I can use normal electronical components instead of having to design my own.
  39. T

    Understanding Voltage, Amperage, and Wattage for DC Motors at Low RPMs

    Hello All- COuld someone please give me a primer on DC as it pertains to voltage, amperage and wattage. Specifically, if I have a motor that i need to run at very low RPM (50 -150), how does the motor compare across a 12v system vs. a 24, 48 or even 60v system. Do 60v systems run more...
  40. K

    Amperage ratings on DC power supplies

    Hello, I'm hoping that by asking this question I can save myself a couple of bucks. I have a DC power supply for a router that is rated for 1.0 A. My router stopped working, and I traced the problem to the power supply. It's a 12 V supply putting out 0.1 V. I have other 12 V supplies, but...
  41. Holocene

    Understanding Amperage: The Relationship Between Resistance and Current

    Someone told me that "low resistance leads to high amperage". I said that higher resistance is actually what leads to high amperage. Which is correct?
  42. M

    High voltage, low amperage, large amount of power

    how do you minimize resistance on a power line if there is a large amount voltage and low amperage being sent through it to a house and the house ends up with a lot of power? :uhh:
  43. S

    Temperature increase from amperage loss in wire

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knew a calculation or method to determine the amount of current moving through a given material, knowing the resistance of the material, the specific heat and the temperature (while the material is actually being heated by current). Thanks, -scott
  44. GarageTinker

    Calculate Amperage for DIY Home Project

    Hello All, I have a personal "garage tinkering" project I'm working on which involves the production of magnetically induced electricity. I've been using Faraday's Law to figure the estimated voltage output of various coils under various conditions. However, I have been unable to find a/the...
  45. C

    Find Amperage knowing # electrons and time

    Hi, I've been having some problems with a homework question. In the problem it tells me the resistance of a resistor, and how many electrons pass through it in a given time. t = 5min. #e = 4.4E21. I need to find V. So, I need to find I since I know R. How do I do this? The only formula I...
  46. enigma

    Short duration amperage vs. wire gauge

    Hi all, I'm currently doing some work trying to optimize coils (basically a large center hole solenoid) for a series of experiments. Two of the variables I'm going to be able to adjust are wire gauge of the coil and amperage through the coil. Online, I have found 'rule of thumb'...
  47. A

    How tasers that have 50,000V only produce a very low amperage

    I don't understand how these tasers that have 50,000V only produce a very low amperage. According to Ohm's law that should kill you. Voltage divided by the persons resistance (Ohms). Getting shocked by static electricity has 5000V, but doesn't kill you because there is no circuit involved, just...
  48. J

    What is the Amperage Rating of a 3-Pronged Edison Plug

    I know this isn't quite what you mean when you say electrical engineering, but, how many amps is a standard three-pronged edison plug rated at? Also, what is common house wiring rated at? I believe that a three-pronged plug is rated at 15 amps and that logically the wiring should be able to...