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Homework Help: Electromagnetism calculation help

  1. Apr 24, 2009 #1

    An electron is travelling in the +ve x-direction of an inertial frame T. An acceleration is given to the electron in the +ve y-direction with as large as magnitude as possible.

    How do I specify directions of the electric and magnetic fields that will achieve this?

    Why are the choice of field directions unique?



    Surely the elctric field is pointing in the -ve y direction but not sure about the magnetic field.

    I'm not sure though. Also have no clue why it would be unique!
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    Welcome to PF!

    Hi cleggy! Welcome to PF! :smile:
    I'm confused … is this two separate questions, a) for a purely electric field and b) for a purely magnetic field, or is it for one joint field? :confused:

    If the former, then use the force! :biggrin:

    (that's the Lorentz force, of course :wink:)​
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