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[Electromagnetism] How much work is required in moving Q3 to infinity?

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    How much work is required in moving Q3 to infinity while Q1 and Q2 remain in their positions?

    |-----------------| b

    a = 16.0 cm
    b = 6.0 cm
    Q1 = 5.70 μC
    Q2 = -5.70 μC
    Q3 = 1.8 μC

    2. Relevant equations


    3. The attempt at a solution

    Just added the potential energies associated with Q3 which is the work needed to move Q3 to infinity (i.e. bring said potential energies to 0).
    kQ1Q3/r13 + kQ2Q3/r23
    =(8.9875e9)(5.7e(-6))(1.80e(-6))/0.06 + (8.9875e9)(-5.7e(-6))(1.8e(-6))/sqrt(0.06^2 + 0.16^2)
    =0.997 J

    Also tried calculating ΔPE = final - initial (I think I messed up the formula, but somehow I got the negative of the first one)
    (8.9875e9)(5.7e(-6))(-5.7e(-6))/.16 + 0.827790168702400828475759973771078927721678492943077184393)
    = -0.997 J

    Trying ΔPE again:
    kQ1Q2/r12 - (kQ1Q3/r13 + kQ2Q3/r23 + kQ1Q2/r12)
    =-kQ1Q3/r13 - kQ2Q3/r23
    =-(8.9875e9)(5.7e(-6))(1.8e(-6))/0.06 - (8.9875e9)(-5.7e(-6))(1.8e(-6))/sqrt(0.06^2 + 0.16^2)
    = -0.997 J

    What am I supposed to do? Neither of these work.
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    Yes. And you realize ΔPE is PEfinal - PEinitial, right?

    No, the work needed is ΔPE, which is PEfinal - PEinitial.
    You have calculated PEinitial here. You want PEfinal-PEinitial.
    Your second answer (the negative one) looks correct to me. However if I use a rounded-off version of k, 8.99e9 N*m2/C2, then the answer rounds off to -0.998 J.

    p.s. please don't report results, even intermediate calculations, to 50 significant figures. It just clutters up your work unnecessarily for people who are trying to follow your calculation.
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    Are you submitting this to a computer? I'm not sure how many significant digits your answer should have, but have you tried -1.0?
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