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Homework Help: Electron-electron /Moller/ Scattering

  1. Dec 26, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone.Electon-electron or Moller Scattering is the topic of my homework and i also have to derive the differential cross section equation/formula.
    The problem is i do not know how to start it and continue.
    Please help me and show me a path.It also may work if you have already worked it,please explain it to me breifly.

    I am waiting your answers.Thank you so much.
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    I imagine drawing the Feynman diagrams and calculating the Feynman amplitudes would be a start.
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    thank you so much for that quick answer.your answer is the same that i just realized.
    in the book ─▒ntroduction to elemantary particles, dr.griffiths , the 6 th chapter it is.
    is that the things and explanings from the link you gave enough for a start.i mean if i pass this part please point the next topic.thank you so much.
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