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I Electron wavefunction as an overlap of orbitals

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    so im finishing up my studies of intro to quantum mechanics, and this is not in my book and looking at previous exams i have to know this for single electron atoms/ions.
    one of the problems was somethin like
    "the wave function of an electron is the overlap of the orbitals:
    find avg energy. what is the probability of measuring it?"
    i dont want help solving this, can you just point me to an website/book that covers this? thank you
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    "Something like" or "exactly like"? If I'm understanding the question properly by reading "overlap" as "superposition", it only makes sense for one particular value of ##a##. And (again, if I'm understanding the question properly) the answer is going to be in your book - somewhere it will talk about expectation values of measurements.
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    I wouldn't call it the "overlapp" but a superposition. The orbitals making up the superposition are orthogonal, so technically, they have no overlapp.
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    thanks for yur answers sorry about the overlap thing it was a translation problem.
    and the problem i presentd was in an actual exam but all of them always have a problem like that.
    im gonna take a carefull look at both books ive got
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