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Homework Help: Electronic Devices byfloyd Problem

  1. Nov 7, 2007 #1
    Dear users
    In question i have to find the filter capacitor "C" value i have ripple factor given circut
    is full wave rectifier circut R(L) is given V(out) of the rectifier is 18V I have calculated the V(peak)(rectified voltage) but in the following formula
    Vr(Peak to Peak) =(1/f*R(L)C)*Vp(Rectified)
    frequency is also known
    I have done what
    calculated the V(Rectified Volatge)all other things are also known but two things are missing in above equation the Vr(Peak to Peak) if this is know by any means I can then calculate the value of Filter capacitor C any help??? I have to submit the assingment tomorrow
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