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Electronic symbol. Help identify a standard

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    Sorry for my English.
    I write with the help of a translator from google.
    Please help determine what standards of a graphic symbol electric (number of the standard paragraph, the part number)?

    In one book in Russia were given 4 image transformer (for drawing in the U.S. and Europe).
    Аnd did not specify what kind of where taken.
    Simply written: IEC (DIN) and IEEE (ANSI)
    After learning standards, I thought:
    (a) and (b) - IEC 60617
    (c) - IEEE 315

    Question: Which standards use (d) picture?
    In general, I met this image more than once
    Here is an example I only found today
    site http://www.abacom-online.de/uk/html/splan.html
    program SPLAN 7 demo
    screenshot of the program
    as we see again used this image

    in general it is a matter of principle to figure out how this symbol electric :)
    I was told that in 1980 ~ such drawing employed in Germany and now in China.
    Admittedly this was associated with the use of ASCII artwork "graphics"
    Well, when CAD ​​has evolved and it symbol "crossed over" into a modern look
    (ASCII artwork "graphics" --> vector graphics)

    Help me find a figure emerged from the character and what the normative document is written?
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    Unfortunately there is numerous symbology standards depending on which country you live in. I can provide you with a pdf of the IEC standard. may help google ansi symbols or IEC 60617. However Ansi symbols may also pull up links



    http://www.standard.no/PageFiles/945/Z-004.pdf [Broken]
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