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Electrons move faster than the speed of light?

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    In school, I was taught that the position of an electron relative to the nucleus is only an approximation. It is very likely that the electron will be close to the nucleus and where it is 'expected' to be, but it may in fact be anywhere in the universe.

    Is this correct? And does this allow electrons to move faster than the speed of light?
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    Yes, the electron can be anywhere, but it is more probable to be nearer to the nucleus. As you go farther away from the nucleus the force holding the electron diminishes.

    Nothing moves faster than light or at the speed of light. This applies to all objects with mass, including electrons. Electromagnetic radiation, on the other hand is transmitted through photons (massless) which goes at the speed of light since it is light.
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    Not what I heard?
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    You heard wrong.
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    Forgive me lekh I just prefer conversation to a textbook. Do photons exist in all types of EM radiation, or only light?
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    If I'm right, photons exist in all types.
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    "Conversation" is not as accurate as "textbook". Do you prefer accuracy, or hearsay?

    Your question is about electron in an atom. Unfortunately, it has now deviated into a topic that should be asked in the physics subforums. You should either browse through all the topics already on this subject, or ask a brand new question in the relevant forum. This particular subject has been asked ad nauseum. So please do a bit of browsing/search on here.

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