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Electrostatic force and Gravitational force

I have physics homework and came across this question :

I was asked to find the electrostatic force between two charged particles each having a charge of +5.0x10-9 C and which were separated by a distance of 3cm. I found it to be 2.5x10-4 N.Then I was told to calculate the gravitational force given that the two charged particles have a mass of 0.060kg. I calculated the gravitational force to be 2.668x10-10 N Finally I was asked this question :

Although the force of gravity is much weaker than the electrostatic force, it has a far more reaching effect. Explain.

Can anyone kindly tell me the answer to the last part of the question please ? I thought that maybe the answer should be derived from the two formulae of the respective forces, maybe?

Doc Al

Consider the forces that interconnect planets and stars and galaxies.

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