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Elementary crystal cell or the whole crystal?

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    Is fullerene [tex]C_{60}[/tex] elementary crystal cell or the whole crystal? I do not clearly understand it fom the context? Why is considered most perfect point symmetry form?
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    Re: Fullerene

    C60 is a single molecule and as such, isn't considered a crystal in-itself any more than any other molecule. If you were to condense C60 molecules into a solid, then it's likely that a single C60-molecule would constitute a unit cell, yes.

    Most "perfect" is subjective, but what it certainly is the only member of its point group, which in turn contains the biggest number of transformations (120) of any known molecule. (barring the trivial case of a spherical molecule such as a noble gas atom, which is infinitely symmetric) So you can certainly call it the 'most symmetric' molecule.
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