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EM radiation cross over materials

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    Anybody knows if there is a rule for EM radiation cross over materials ?
    The wavelenght in comparison the size (or structure) of molecule is determinant ?
    Ex. why infra-red pass through the concrete but not metalics ?

    Thank you.
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    You may want to read our FAQ in the General Physics forum first, especially on the post on photon going through a material. Most of these properties are governed by what we call the "phonon" modes of the material, i.e. the lattice vibration modes. For metal, there is an added complication from the presence of the conduction electrons that creates additional collective behavior called the "plasmons".

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    Thanks but I didnĀ“t find any satisfactory answer for that.
    Can anybody help me ?
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    metals are conductors. light cant penetrate a conductor
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