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Homework Help: EMC and Electronic grounding

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    The electronic control systems in one power plant are digital base and separated "one point" grounding system is considered for it.
    In that power plant, the separated hole of electronic grounding is located far from control room, therefore the used cables for suitable interconnection between equipments and earth pit shall be long enough.
    The electronic system is safe against effects of corrosion and vibration
    also grounding system loop currents that usually observed in "multiple point"
    grounding systems and may cause inadvertent noises.
    However that control system has some EMC problems.
    Investigations show a 700 KHZ noise interference existence in system
    that has created this EMC problem in power plant control system.

    How can you explain the reason of existence of inadvertent noises?
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    The long ground wires are acting as antennae and picking up fields from some other piece of equipement.
    It's a common problem in designing monitoring systems. You can either have lots of local grounds and suffer from ground loops or have a single central ground but suffer from noise in the ground lines.
    Since your system is digital it would probably be best to have locally grounded instruments and transmit the data back on a differential data bus.
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    Thank you very much for wonderful answer.

    I am amazing about site moderators activation (moving the topics),I think dialogue is the best way to sharing pepole experiance and their thought products.
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