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Aerospace EMdrive Revisited

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    D H

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    In a nutshell, this is pseudoscience, and we don't discuss nonsense like that here.

    A couple of links:

    Blake Stacey, Science After Sunclipse, The EmDrive Story, or How to Propel Pseudoscience, http://scienceblogs.com/sunclipse/2008/09/the_emdrive_story_or_how_to_pr.php [Broken]

    John Baez, The b-Category Cafe, New Scientist Reacts, http://golem.ph.utexas.edu/category/2006/10/new_scientist_reacts.html

    What about articles in the scientific literature debunking this? Sorry, there are none. There are no articles in the scientific literature that describe this nonsense, either. It is poppycock. You won't find articles in the scientific literature debunking this because there is no reason to publish such a paper. That New Scientist did is troubling.

    That the Chinese have been snookered into investing in it is even more troubling. Then again, they are spending a lot of money to become a spacefaring nation. When NASA was rolling in the dough back in the 1960s they wasted a bit of money on pure nonsense. Apparently the Chinese have been caught in the same trap.
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