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EMF + Water = Sudden Acceleration Of Your Car?

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    Hey guys. I was reading http://kansascity.injuryboard.com/a...romagnetic-interference.aspx?googleid=277752". This paragraph jumped off the page to me, and I wanted to get your thoughts on how feasible it it. To me, it reads like total bunk. But I don't have the technical expertise to know for sure.
    Thoughts? Is it possible? Does it even make sense?

    I mean, if this makes sense, why car washes? Wouldn't we need to look at things like overhead and/or underground power cables, in the rain? Cell phone usage? Nav systems? Etc etc etc...
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    Crackpot nonsense - it's bad even for a newspaper article (and newspaper articles about science should be expected to be bad)....and the blogger's input is even worse. He's just making it up as he goes along and it is clear he knows little about the relevant science - it's just gibberish. But there is no real need to debunk anything since there isn't any verifiable content in that quote. Ie:
    What data?

    After that, it goes from unsubstantiated claims to nonsense.
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