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I Energy conservation and information conservation

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    How is information conserved when one form of energy is converted to other?
    Like how a black hole's gravitational energy is used to create photon pairs near the event horizon, what happens to the information in the gravitational wavepackets (gravitons?) and how is it not lost?
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    As I explained in your other thread, this "particle pair" thing doesn't stand up to detailed scrutiny.
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    What about annihilation? What happens to the quantum information in a particle and its antiparticle when they annihilate to give rise to a photon pair?
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    I don't even understand what "information" means in that context. I'm not suggesting you've asked a bad question, only that I'm have no knowledge that would help. I'm sure someone here will.

    What do YOU see as "information" in this context?
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    I'm talking about quantum information, that's stored in/as quantum states, information that can apparently be lost to black holes.
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    I believe that the black hole information loss war between Hawking and Susskind was resolved in Susskind's favor, with Hawking conceding the correctness of Susskind's conclusion that information is NOT lost in a black hole. I really know next to nothing about all this stuff.

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    Your question is known as the black-hole information problem. Wikipedia offers several candidates for possible answers, each with its advantages and disadvanateges:
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