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Energy levels of the HE4 nucleus

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    what i mean is could it be possible for an alpha particle to acquire energy (by collision or from emission) and subsequently emit a gamma ray?? or does only have one (ground) state??
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    There is always just one ground state. I mean, there could be a degeneracy, but there energy is the same. Or did you mean just one state, which is then obviously a ground state?

    But yeah, He4, just like any other nucleus, will have excited states, and will absorb and emit gamma radiation. I have no idea what sort of a spectrum it has... I'm sure you could find it somewhere, though. He4 should be pretty well explored, both experimentally and theoretically.
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    i was asking if it had a spectrum, or just one energy level,, thanks for the answer :)
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    Vanadium 50

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    Helium-4 has only a single bound state.
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