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Engineering Competitions like DARPA?

  1. Jan 13, 2013 #1
    Engineering Competitions like DARPA??

    Does anyone know engineering competitions like DARPA, BAJA-SAE that are open to universities other than US? The competitions we are thinking to participate must have a practical exposure like building something rather than mere theoretical design.
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    Re: Engineering Competitions like DARPA??

    I think national instruments make such competitions and not only in the US, www.ni.com and search for something like this.
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    Re: Engineering Competitions like DARPA??

    X - Prize
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Prize_Foundation is international. The recent NASA energy efficient aircraft contest was international and won by a team from Europe.
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    Re: Engineering Competitions like DARPA??

    There are also a number of Micromouse competitions worldwide, which cover a broad range of engineering disciplines.

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