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Engineering jobs (What do you do for work?)

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    I am just curious what you do for work. I am basically in my freshmen year of college for engineering. I realize I've got a ways to go before I start working, but I figure that I ought to start researching for jobs. To figure out what I really want to do in the engineering field.

    My friend who is an ME works on the test floor at Triquent Semiconductor. One day while I was doing contract work, he pulled me aside giving me a small tour of all the tools he worked on. Being a tool tech wouldn't be all that bad, except you can't really advance when working on the test floor. My buddy told me I should look elsewhere for work.

    I have another friend who works for the Army Corps of Engineers. He works on hydro power turbines. His job is pretty interesting or sounds interesting. I've never shadowed him while he was working, but I will someday...

    Then I have a friend who works at Boeing Airplanes in Seattle, Washington. He really enjoys working on planes. Says his job doesn't require obtaining a PE license.

    I think it would be cool to design military vehicles or aircraft. I like to hear your thoughts about engineering work.
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    I worked in the buildings industry (i.e. HVAC and plumbing design) for awhile during college. It pays well, but there's a lot of politics and its kinda boring. If you're in it to make money, buildings may be something to look into. Then again, by the time you enter the work force, who knows.
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    I am majoring in ME mostly for the work. I want to be successful in the industry, be a part of a large important projects. I want to bring success to a large Inc. and expand my knowledge in the engineering field.

    The money is nice, but I really don't care so much for the money.
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    In 30+ years, I've been lucky enough / unlucky enough to have had many diverse assignments across a variety of industries:
    • aerospace structures design
    • instrumentation system design of nuclear power plants
    • pursuit of a graduate degree in manufacturing engineering
    • Part of a team that designed & built an award-winning whiz-bang automated assembly factory for electronics manufacturing.
    • A variety of advanced manufacturing engineering and robotics / automation machine design tasks for automotive components.
    • Applications Engineering Manager at a Robotics company.
    • Consulting Engineering Company owner.
    • Director-level Engineering Management at a watercraft company and a healthcare equipment company.
    • Lead Research & Development for a materials company.

    If/when you get to the point where you have
    • mortgage
    • spouse
    • children
    • financial obligations
    • questionable retirement plans
    • personal or family health issues
    • decreasing job opportunities
    • gray hairs
    then I suspect that the money & job security will rise to a higher priority.
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    In 30 plus years, I also have had many highly varied engineering jobs. I’ve worked in a clean room on spacecraft, and I’ve ridden military tanks through the swamps. I’ve been on submarines, surface ships, and aircraft, and much more.

    No matter what your interests, you can find a fit in the vast and highly varied field of Engineering.

    It turned out to be a good thing that early in my career I changed jobs often. Each change came with a pay raise. It gave me a very broad experience base, and enabled me to narrow my focus later in my career. Only at that point did I really know which area I wanted to focus on.
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    Okay, to a certain degree I am majoring in ME for the money, but that isn't the main focus. Dont you enjoy what you are doing now? I want to do something that I will enjoy forever, don't want to move from one company to the next.

    Going back to the money topic, my buddy was originally going to major in biology. Now he is changing his major to ME because they make good money. That is basically the only reason he is changing his major... Money is important to me but I can be happy without it.:smile:
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    Nice, maybe I will have to go from one job to the next in order to narrow down what I want to do.

    EDIT: Did any of you have an internship while in attending college?
  9. Jul 9, 2012 #8
    In two more mounth I will complete apprenticeship of Mechanical Engineering (Maintenance fitter), I am seeking a role that will offer hands-on experience and personal development. I would like to offer my commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty in exchange for challenging work and solid training.

    As outlined I can offer the following:

     Apprentice maintenance fitter, responsible for repair and routine maintenance of pumps, compressors, boilers, gearboxes and all hydraulic and pneumatic machinery used in industry.
     Ability to solve problems by logically breaking down elements and applying effective techniques
     Carry out unplanned (breakdown) maintenance on failed, faulty or damaged Mechanical Plant & Equipment
     Identify bearings and fitting bearings
     Proven customer service skills with a helpful, friendly nature
     Strong teamwork skills, shown through group work at TAFE and work experience
     Excellent computer skills with proficiency in MS Word, internet and email.
     Hard working, enthusiastic and punctual.
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    I did not do an internship. I started out as a machinists to put myself thru college. That experience has been a much greater help than doing an internship.
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    I am sure it did.
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    I repare some park ,welding ,using lath.
    I said all what I am doing
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    A major part of my job is reviewing test reports from environmental tests conducted by vendors for the US government. I just sit and read other people's work. I do a lot of acquisition type stuff with occasional dabbling in cooling system analysis and design work. The major design work of my company is making electronics and PCBs fit properly into computer chassis and adding heat sinks. This week I made a 2 inch long bracket, and a dust cover for an opening on a computer. That is the extent of the designing I've done in 1.5 years.

    There is a lot of .... stale engineering work out there. Track down something you find interesting and don't get stuck making widgits.
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