Engineering Engineering Physics and the environment.

  1. A pretty short question:
    How capable of designing ecological soultions for the industry would i be if i graduated in Engineering Physics?

    I feel that because of the depth of the few Physics and engineering subjects it has, I might lack skills when designing engines and systems which are innovating and sustainable.

    (I DO NOT want to study ambiental engineering, but i might study mechanic-electric engineering)
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  3. from what I've been told, the limiting factor of clean energy technologies is marketing and how you sell your product to business and political oligarchs, not really the technology; the technology is mostly mechanical engineering from what I know, excluding photovoltaics.

    i have little experience in this field so your mileage may vary.
  4. Thanks, but rather, i was asking if the skill acquired during Eng. Physics are enough to design such ecofriendly solutions.
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