What is Engineering physics: Definition and 188 Discussions

Engineering physics, or engineering science, refers to the study of the combined disciplines of physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, and engineering, particularly computer, nuclear, electrical, electronic, aerospace, materials or mechanical engineering. By focusing on the scientific method as a rigorous basis, it seeks ways to apply, design, and develop new solutions in engineering.

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  1. adam74269

    Engineering Problem calculating pressure to a tube.

    A-A' (mv1^2)/2-(mv0^2)/2 = A A = -AG + AT - AF AG = mgh = 1.47 J AT = k/2*h0^2 = 0.0125 J AF = fmg*cos(60)*h0 = 0.0735 J A = -AG*cos(30) + AT - AF = -1.334 A-C (mv1^2)/2-(mv0^2)/2 = A A = AG C NC + Gcos(45) - Φn = 0
  2. Raffaello

    Physics Engineering Physicist interview with SLAC

    Hello. I am an accelerator physicist with a couple of years of experience. I've already had an interview session with the recruiter. Then, they sent me an email saying that I will have a technical interview with the hiring manager. I've never had physics interviews before because my research...
  3. S

    Other Engineering Physics vs Pure Physics

    I already tried looking up my questions, I could not find answers. Of course my experience will depend on the school I go to, but my questions are intended to be more general so I can get a better understanding of each major. In short, I'm a community college student who is choosing between Eng...
  4. T

    Engineering Should I study Engineering Physics or Mechanical Engineering?

    I am unsure of what career to choose. I really like Physics and Math, and I have this desire to know more about things, which is what EP has to offer. I think that EP is mainly theoretical and does not teach many practice, but I believe that I can complement this by entering groups in my...
  5. OlPhyz

    12 ton frame lowered on plastic --> What Happens?

    Summary:: 12 ton rectangular frame is lowered by a 4 point crane attached to each corner of the frame. Frame will be lowered onto plastic supports, these supports have guiding ramps of 60 degrees to help the operator lower the frame in the correct spot. The frame has 4 feet, one on each corner...
  6. S

    Engineering Calculating valve sizes for a compressible liquid

    I have converted given pressures from bar gauge to bar abs Inlet pressure = 20 - 1.013 = 21.013 bar abs Outlet pressure = 6 + 1.013 = 7.013 bar abs therefore pressure drop (x) x = {p_1 -p_2 \over p_1 } = {21.013 - 7.013 \over 21.013} = 0.6662542236 bar abs Comparing to the chart values for...
  7. U

    How Engineering physics impact on technology?

    I have an assignment and i want to complete it before Tuesday. I have some questions regards to my assignment 1) How Engineering physics impact on technology ? 2) Engineering physics Inventions 3) Engineering physics related information
  8. gleem

    Physics Is Engineering Physics right for you?

    Physics students are concerned about employability. One area of physics that can give a student an advantage in engineering physics. In a new Institute of Physics (IoP) podcast there are two parts that talk about engineering physics. The first is an interview of Ray LaPierre chairman of...
  9. H

    Engineering What do Engineering Physics majors do when they graduate?

    I'm very interested in the Engineering Physics major, however I'm not sure what people with this degree do after university. I've heard that a large portion of people who graduate from Engineering Physics go on to study a master's on either Engineering or Physics. Is thus true? Would...
  10. H

    Programs Would Engineering Physics be a good major for what I want to do?

    Hello everyone! This is my first post here, so I'm still figuring everything out. I am a Junior in Highschool, so soon it will be time for me to apply to colleges. Because of my high school, I have direct access to the top private university in Mexico, however, they do not offer Physics as a...
  11. J

    Programs Engineering Physics or Astronautics?

    Hello! I'm currently planning to attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where they have a bachelors degree in Engineering Physics with emphasis on spacecraft systems and instrumentation. The college also has aerospace Engineering with a track in astronautics. I want a career that focuses on...
  12. astroman707

    Studying Good resources to help with hard physics classes?

    I'm having quite a bit of difficulty in my college's intro honors, calc-based physics class. I want to find some good resources, either online or text, to assist with learning the material. The issue I'm having is that most resources I find are either not in depth enough, or they're just as...
  13. M

    Engineering Physics certificate undergraduate in Europe

    Is there any such certificate or something even remotely like this awarded and recognised in Europe to undergrads who do, say, chemical engineering but want to show they have some core physics knowledge as well?
  14. dRic2

    Programs MS in Nuclear Engineering or Engineering Physics question

    Hi, PF, this should be my 5th post or something here in "Academic Guidance" (I changed my mind a lot in few months :biggrin:, but now I really need to decide:nb):nb)) I'm considering to go for an MS in Nuclear Engineering that specializes in Nuclear System Physics...
  15. Pouya Pourkarim

    How Can PF Enhance Learning in Plasma Physics and Cosmology?

    I study engineering physics and I’m interested in plasma physics and cosmology
  16. Scott Hill

    Programs Engineering Physics programs without Engineering

    Is anyone aware of a liberal arts college (or other such school) that offers Engineering Physics without having a full-blown Engineering program? I'm a physics professor at a small school and we're investigating the feasibility of adding such a program ourselves; it would be useful to see some...
  17. X

    Programs Personal: Engineering Physics vs Other Engineering Majors

    Hello All, I am 26 years old and am currently enrolled at a CC in NYC. I have had a long and obscure path through life so far which has led me to discover my calling back within the academic realm. A little about myself, I did poorly in high school because I invested all of my time with...
  18. M

    Programs Considering a double major in chem and engineering physics

    i am currently planning to pursue a MS in chemistry through a BS/MS. I want to add on a BS in physics or engineering physics (electrical engineering based). I already completed the requirement for a physics minor, but I don't feel like it's enough for what I want to do Or my curiosity.The...
  19. K

    Programs Thoughts on Cornell's Applied and Engineering Physics

    I've been accepted to Cornell Engineering, and am thinking about doing AEP. I really like physics and math and was just wondering what people thought of it. Yeah I know I should ask people at Cornell, but they're just going to tell me that it's awesome and I should do it. I want to get a more...
  20. Z

    Programs Would this Engineering Physics degree be better than a degree in physics?

    I have been stuck between physics and engineering for a while. Someone recommended that I major in engineering physics, as the school I want to transfer to has like the 4th best EP program in the US. I pretty much take all of the physics classes physics majors need (except for labs and...
  21. aOe

    Engineering What Kind of jobs are Engineering Physicists currently in?

    Hello All, I'ma recently graduated physicist engineer (or physical engineer, I'm not sure how to say it in English) from Colombia, right now I'm looking for a job in order to save some money for my master degree and I would like to know the experiences of more experimented physicist engineers...
  22. C

    Help: Physics vs Engineering Physics vs EE / ME

    I'm a final year high school student trying to figure out what he wants to study in university. I have decided on an applied math double major with one of the above. My dilemma is between deciding to purse the passion I have for theoretical/ pure physics or an applied science as I would really...
  23. W

    What is the amplitude of the electric field (laser reflection)

    Problem we are looking at :A laser beam has diameter 1.30 mm . The beam exerts a force of 3.7×10−9 N on a totally reflecting surface. What is the amplitude of the electric field of the electromagnetic radiation in this beam? (Emax) Relevant Formulas...etc.: I have the formula...
  24. G

    Admissions Transfering from CC, got a C in calc2. Am I screwed?

    I want to major in computer and electrical engineering physics. I don't actually know much about the specifics, but I've been an electrical engineering hobbyist since high school, I built my own desktop computer and enjoy programing in C++, and I study some physics in my free time. All I know is...
  25. havonasun

    Engineering Need direction: Applied vs Engineering Physics vs?

    I'm having a difficult time trying to discover which academic pathway to pursue. At first, the difficulty came from having broad interests, which I narrowed to a toss-up between space, science and engineering. I found space (astronomy, astrophysics) to be too specialized, physics (pure science)...
  26. F

    I'm nothing without my calculator....

    So i graduated with good gpa in a civil engineering program in a school in Québec. Problem is, at that said school, programmable calculators were allowed and we abused it. Every single integrals or derivatives or complex number manipulation was solved by it and now i transferred to another...
  27. Jonheisen

    Courses Engineering physics or physics

    I am uncertain about what course to take, I was thinking about physics or Engineering physics. I wanted to work in an organization like cern, lux, esa, gsi (I know is really difficult), research also interests me a lot. So, I would like to hear what you guys think about the courses in terms of...
  28. Abhirikshma

    Studying Engineering Physics or Physics?

    I have an inclination to be an experimentalist, in which discipline should I do my Bachelors in : Engineering Physics (B.Tech) or Physics (B.Sc) ? Thanks.
  29. N

    Programs Double major in Astrophysics and Engineering Physics?

    I am going to be a high school senior this fall and I want to pursue a career in astrophysics, but the amount of jobs is small, so would it be a good idea to double major in astrophysics and engineering physics? I was also wondering what other engineering majors can go with astrophysics. Also I...
  30. brymcfly21

    Programs Applied physics or engineering physics

    I know I see many forums with this question but I still want to know which is the better choice. I am a senior about to graduate and go to University. I originally wanted to do pure physics undergrad and possible go for astrophysics in phd but I realize getting a job in that is very hard. So my...
  31. S

    Programs What is the best master's degree?

    Hi, I have my bachelor degree in engineering physics, laser and optics concentration. I want to enroll for master degree, and I want to have a job in business companies, not research lab or university. So what are the best choices for master (is it okay for universities to accept a student with...
  32. Acid wombat

    Programs Undergrad Physics vs Engineering Physics

    Hello,i always wanted to be a physicist no matter how hard of a time i may have finding actual research work,i am particularly interested in particle physics so my end goal would be a PhD in particle physics but i am having a hard time deciding whether to major in physics or engineering physics...
  33. A

    Engineering What can i do with an Engineering Physics degree?

    I'll be attending the Southeast Missouri State University this fall and i am planning on majoring Engineering Physics: Computer Applications.The course plan includes the following courses: Introduction to Computer Programming, Object Oriented Programming,C and Unix Environment,Computer...
  34. D

    Engineering Engineering career after MSc applied physics

    I have a MSc in engineering physics / applied physics, but i decided to not continue with a PhD, and instead try out my luck as an engineer in the industry. I'm currently working with structural analysis, but I feel somewhat overqualified for most of the work I do, so I feel like switching to...
  35. I

    Schools Taking College Physics 2 before Engineering Physics 2?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to strategically plan my semesters ahead. This Summer I am planning on taking Engineering Physics 1 and Cal 3 (or College Physics 2 in place of Cal 3). Prior to this semester, I had no experience with Physics, so I enrolled in College Physics 1 to see how it goes. I...
  36. I

    Courses Would Calc 3 + Engineering Physics 1 be too much for Summer?

    Hey everyone, I am currently in College Physics 1 right now, and Calculus 2. Both courses are going seemingly well. I have an 'A' in both classes, but I do devote a lot of time to studying. Between the two I probably put in about 20 hours/week depending on the material covered. Right now were...
  37. Shreyas Shree

    Physics experiments for undergraduates

    I am a 1st year undergraduate student. I am in need of some fascinating applied physics/ engineering physics projects that two 1st year undergraduates can complete in about 10 working hours, and as such not very difficult. We would like a project that we could build inexpensively, and calculate...
  38. M

    Engineering Engineering Physics or Mechanical?

    Being from Canada, applications for Universities are soon due! I am back in school upgrading my high school courses from a few years ago. Wanting to start a new career. I am interested in a field of engineering. I am going for a Masters Degree that will allow me to work on green/renewable...
  39. romiomustdie

    How Do You Derive the Distance Traveled by a Projectile in a Viscous Liquid?

    i have found out the second answer of the PHYSICS problem but unable to solve the first part.i tried all possible ways.:-( ---------------------------------------------- a test projectile is fired horizontally into a viscous liquid with a velocity Vo . The retarding force is proportional to the...
  40. B

    Engineering Physics (Work done and energy) Help

    Q2 AND Q5 are the questions I struck in at the minute. For Q 2 , I wonder i could simply use change of kinetic energy=Work done, does the catapult gain the same amount of energy as the Jet fighter?? For Q.5, i have no idea where to start, could someone at least give me some kind of direction...
  41. Meron

    Engineering physics or physics

    I am a senior inn high school who's highly interested in physics, but my parents won't allow me to study a hard science subject in uni. The other alternative that I've found which they might be willing to have me study is engineering physics. Question 1: Is there anyway I can convince them to...
  42. Meron

    Engineering Physics: Job Market & Graduate School Info for HS Seniors

    I am, currently, a senior in high school. I am interested in science and particularly in physics. So, I, naturally, want to major in physics when I go to University. But I'm not sure if I want to be a physicist when i grow up and I have also heard about how getting into academia is very hard and...
  43. S

    Engineering at Western or Mac (McGill)

    I am looking to apply to western for engineering ( go into mechatronics) and do a concurrent engineering and physics degree. Basically what that is, is a regular 4 year degree with a 5th year of pure physics. You then receive a bachelor of engineering and a physics major. I am also looking at...
  44. Abtinnn

    Engineering Engineering Physics: Job Market and Career Overview

    Is engineering physics a good field? I've heard a lot that they find it hard to find jobs because engineers think of them as physicists and physicists think of them as engineers. How is the job market? What does an engineering physicist actually do?
  45. P

    Should I Also Study Math? Also panic attack and "woe is me"

    Hello Physics Forums. So I haven't been on here for a very long time, so hello again. I am currently a first year at a university in Canada and am to declare my specialization in the coming months. I came into university expecting I'd want to do a degree in physics and astronomy, but over the...
  46. L

    What courses to take in addition to engineering physics?

    Hey, I am strongly thinking of switching from mechanical engineering over to engineering physics. I am thinking of taking the first year again, and will therefore have about 5 courses I can choose freely. So the question is, what courses could be a nice addition to a engineering physics degree...
  47. Pucky

    Physics vs CE vs CS vs Physics

    Hi, Im currently finishing high school and I would appreciate some help. I would like to study physics, however I´m not sure. Other curses like Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Engineering Physics could another possibility. I have always loved science, especially physics and chemistry...
  48. V

    Going Into Physics or Engineering Physics

    Hi everyone, I have a question that I've been thinking about for a long time. I am a current first year engineering undergrad at UBC in Canada, and I do not know whether I should go into the schools engineering physics program or transfer to sciences and do an honours physics degree. My first...
  49. N

    Courses Berkeley Courses for an Engineering Physics Grad

    Hi. I will be a visiting student in Fall 2015/Spring 2016 at berkeley. I am currently in my 3rd year of a 5 year MS Engineering Physics program at my school. Which higher-level courses do you think are most useful for an engineering Physics Grad? Could you guys be so kind as to help me choose...
  50. N

    Nanotechnology for engineering physics guy: which courses?

    Hi. I'm currently in my 3rd year of a 5-year MS program in engineering physics. I have decided to specialize in nanotech, and that into consideration I am a unsure on which courses I should take in my 4th. A professor I talked to told me I should definitely go for a "basic physics package"...