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Engineering tradeoffs - Synthetic lubricants

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    This seems like a valuable and worthwhile article for those involved in machinery.

    Synthetic lubricants in precision mechanisms - an overview
    Maria Tillwich
    Dr. Tillwich GmbH, Horb, W. Germany
    Journal of Synthetic Lubrication

    Volume 5, Issue 2 , Pages 91 - 104

    I embolded a key point - engineering often involves a trade-off among properties. For example, in my experience, the desirable microstructure of an alloy from a mechanical standpoint may not be the same as one desirable from a corrosion resistance standpoint - and they could be mutually exclusive. Similarly, there is a tradeoff between strength/hardness and toughness.
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    According to the Russian who was conducting our TRIZ class, trade offs are just an opportunity for a breakthrough development. All you need is the correct problem solving approach.... Go back to the the TRIZ link!
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