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[engineering] transfering help what's the meaning of academic interest

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    I am planning to transfer. My current major is mechanical engineering. and I am wondering how should I answer this question for the essay , "Tell us what you would like to major and why, how your past academic or work experience influenced your decision."

    so, this question asks to talk about academic interest. But my question, what is academic interest?
    to me, its definition is: "what's your interest in your current or past study". But as a first year mechanical engineering student, what kinds of answer do they expect from me? I am not applying for grad school and I havn't taken any advance materials, all the courses are fundamental, how should I talk about the interest?
    -I talk to my friend yesterday, they suggest me to look at some research paper, and that will give me an idea.

    Any suggestion?
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    Re: [engineering] ﹡﹡﹡transfering help┫┫┫┫┫ what's the meaning of academic interest

    I wouldn't go into research papers and all that. This is basically asking what pushed you into this field. Literally, why did you choose MechE? After explaining why you chose to enter the field you can then expand on that, now that you are a MechE student, and talk about some of the things that you have been learning that have solidified your past decision to pursue MechE.
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    Re: [engineering] ﹡﹡﹡transfering help┫┫┫┫┫ what's the meaning of academic interest


    the real thing that push me into this field is the extracurricular activity I did (building spaghetti crane and the robotic contest), however, it asks for academic interest. So, should I suppose to talk about I like math and science and that's why I want to do engineering or what?

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    Yea. "I've always been good at math and science classes...blablabla...I like physics and am interested in the way objects interact...etcetcetc" Something like that.
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    but that's ********...... i am sure that they don't want to see essay like that. Almost everybody write these kinds of things..
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    Re: [engineering] ﹡﹡﹡transfering help┫┫┫┫┫ what's the meaning of academic interest

    So talk about that.
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    When I wrote that essay, I told them exactly why. I wanted to work on rocket propulsion (chemical or ionic) and/or fluid flow analysis. I discussed my interest in the VASIMR engine. It may have impressed the admissions committee that I knew so much about my field before I even entered it; or it could have been utterly pointless. My advice to you is to be honest and tell them exactly why you want to go into the field. Essays work better if you're not trying to BS someone.
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    Re: [engineering] ﹡﹡﹡transfering help┫┫┫┫┫ what's the meaning of academic interest

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