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Entangled states in the classical limit

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    Are there any example of entangled systems suitable to show what entanglement becomes when the classical limits comes in?

    Have you some idea or some reference that could explicitely illustrate the transition from QM to CM for entangled system?

    Entanglement is often demystified by reference to statistical correlations in classical systems (typically by relation to conservation laws). However, in this respect, I have never seen the correspondance made clearly.

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    as my limited understanding goes, there is no classical limit on entanglement. it is not like energy or paths, but it is just entangled state for example when two photons produced by the same source interact and separate. one you measure one photon, then the state of the other collapse too.
    while classical limit is usually refered to action or energy, when hbar is approaching zero, all other non-classical path reduced to classical path.
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    Wow, what your talking about sound realy interesting. Sorry, I don't have anything constructive to contribute to your question but I would like to hear what you already know about a classical comparison for entanglement.
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