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Equation Object in Word 2011 (mac)

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    My math professor sent out a document with 'equation objects' embedded in it, however some of them don't show. I have to manually right click them, select 'equation object->open', close the equation editor window, and them the item will show. Is there a "show all equations" option somewhere in word 2011?

    This is the document in question http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7350461/math3000FinalreviewSummer10-3.doc [Broken]
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    Actually no, there is no such command for Equation Editor, but there is such a command for MathType. It looks like MathType is what your prof used for the document anyway. I was able to open the document in Word 2011 on the Mac, as well as in Word 2010 on Windows. Everything looked normal to me, with 2 exceptions. Specifically I didn't see the situation you describe, where the equations don't show up.

    Here are the 2 exceptions I saw, and reflect differences between the way I see the document on Mac & Windows:
    1. Question 2 shows up like this on the Mac: "...functions from ° to ° (reals) are...". This is clearly not what the prof intended. It shows up correctly on Windows: [tex]...{\text{functions from }}\mathbb{R}{\text{ to }}\mathbb{R}{\text{ (reals) are}}...[/tex]
    2. Similar to the error in question 2, question 3 reads "...functions from ¢ x ¢ to ¢ (integers) are...". It should be [tex]...{\text{functions from }}\mathbb{Z} \times \mathbb{Z}{\text{ to }}\mathbb{Z}{\text{ (integers) are}}...[/tex]

    That's a "font issue", and may indeed show up correctly on your computer. I'm just reporting what I see, based on what it should be. Note, though, that the particular font MathType uses for these double-stroke characters is MT Extra. This font is present for Equation Editor, but is a different version. In order to correctly display the characters you need MathType's version. If your display for questions 2 & 3 is the same as mine, do yourself a favor and report this to your prof. He is no doubt unaware that people with Equation Editor do not have access to all of the symbols that MathType has.

    That still doesn't help you with your original problem. There are 3 things you can do about it. One is to keep on doing what you're doing. The second method accomplishes the same result and is faster -- just double-click the missing equation rather than do the right-click thing. The third thing is to download the 30-day trial of MathType from dessci dot com and install it. Use the "convert equations" command on Word 2011's MathType menu to get the equations back. Note that this command will disappear once the 30-day trial expires, but MathType will remain usable in a reduced-features "Lite" mode.
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    Thanks for your help, I ended up getting Pages for Mac and everything was displayed properly.
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