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MAC Cosmetics, stylized as M·A·C, is a Canadian cosmetics manufacturer founded in Toronto in 1984 by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The company is headquartered in New York City after becoming a subsidiary of Estée Lauder Companies in 1996. MAC is an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics.

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  1. M

    C/C++ Issue with my compiler not using C++11 with CLion on a Mac

    The compiler is not using C++11 or greater on CLion. My CMakeLists.txt reads: cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.24) project(main) set(CMAKE_CXX_STANDARD 17) add_executable(main main.cpp) set (CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS} -std=c++11") Any idea what's happening? C++11 worked when I...
  2. M

    C/C++ Where is the Employee.cpp file located in the code?

    I have the following two files stored in the folder "impl" on my Desktop, the CLion IDE and am running on a mac: main.cpp: #include <iostream> #include "Employee.h" int main() { Employee e1("Bradly", "E007"); Employee e2("John", "E425"); std::cout << e1.getName() << ": " <<...
  3. Astronuc

    RIP Christine McVie, co-lead singer of Fleetwood Mac

    Christine McVie has died at age 79. She is best known as a co-lead singer and song writer with Fleetwood Mac, which she joined in 1970. She was semi-retired for FM in 1998-2014.
  4. MichaelBack12

    Looking for a reliable screen recorder for Mac? Any recommendations?

    Any recommendations for a simple, reliable screen recorder for Mac. All I want to do is record some streaming lectures. I like transferring to my phone to watch again. QuickTime isn’t great. No easy timer.
  5. M

    Booting Ubuntu on a Mac from external SSD

    Hi PF! I am trying to boot Ubuntu 14 from an external SSD on a new macbook pro. I formatted a thumbdrive following these instructions. I then attempted to boot the SSD following these instructions. In part 2, step 5 of the latter link, after selecting EFI Boot, I am prompted with "A software...
  6. C

    C/C++ Running a C++ project in Xcode Mac Os

    I am trying to run an Xcode project in c++ on a Mac Os. I started by creating new project, selecting command line tool options so that I may use c++ option and proceeded with completing the product name fields and the directory where to save the project on my Mac. The default project that is...
  7. J

    How to control volume by hovering & scrolling anywhere in Mac Menu Bar

    Homework Statement:: How to control volume by hovering and scrolling anywhere in Mac Menu Bar Relevant Equations:: none Hi, 
 I use both Mac's and pc's. Mac's are great but here's one thing I can do in my pc's that I have not been able to find how to do in my Mac. 
 In my pc's (Win7, Win10)...
  8. J

    How to have "Excel for Mac 2016" Auto-convert entry of yymmdd to yyyy-mm-dd

 I want to type, say, 20201008 or 201008 into a cell and as soon as I press the enter or tab key have "Excel for Mac 2016" immediately convert and display either entry as 2020-10-08. 
 I don't want to have another column set up that uses a formula to convert 20201008 or 201008 to...
  9. gmax137

    Remembering Guitar Hero Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac

  10. M

    Mac vs PC: Which is Better for a PhD Student?

    Hi PF! I'm about to buy a new laptop, and am leaning towards a 15". I currently use a macbook pro 2013 for my main computer, though I also have a PC rebooted for Ubuntu (it's my lab's, not mine). The new macbooks are very expensive, but very durable. To me, they feel very secure and well...
  11. L

    Should I switch to Linux or Mac?

    Hi, For my next computer I either want a PC running OpenSUSE for coding and Ubuntu for gaming. I can code C++, Python, and Swift. I know that for Swift development you need a Mac computer. There's just no other way to code swift other than getting a Mac and XCode. But I know that Linux is pretty...
  12. M

    Running openFOAM on a Mac: issues with paraFOAM

    Hi PF! I'm using a mac and am running the CFD program openFOAM. As I'm going through a tutorial on openFOAM, I am instructed to type paraFoam & into the terminal. When I do so, I receive this error: This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin...
  13. I

    Is There a Reliable Mac Emulator for Windows 10?

    Are there any working Mac emulators that are simple to set up and use? I have had a look through google but there is not a lot
  14. SMBH

    A IRAF xgterm implot unresponsive (mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3)

    I downloaded IRAF to my machine using astroconda, and everything works perfectly except the implot function when using an xgterm terminal (it kind of works with xterm, but not really). I can get it to display a plot with implot, but none of the keystroke functions work at all and I am not even...
  15. M

    How can I run OpenFOAM on a Mac using Docker?

    Hi PF I'm learning OpenFOAM and typically would do much more work prior to coming here, but I'm on a time crunch and was wondering if anyone knows how to run an OpenFOAM program? I have a file called "wedge" and within that I have a "constant" file, system file, a "0" file, and two documents...
  16. Fala483

    B Solve Math Puzzle: 0.999... ≠ 1

    Let f(n) be of the form F(1) = 0.999999 F(2) = 0.9999999 F(3) = 0.99999999 Etc For arbitrary N >= 1 Let g(n) = f(n)^2 G(1) and g(2) end in 8 By linear relation all g(n) end in 8 Assume 0.999... = 1 0.999... X 0.999... must end in 8 per (4) 1 x 1 does not end in 8 By (5),(6),(7)...
  17. Shahed

    Monte Carlo using MCNP on a Mac

    Hi! Are there any experts out there using MCNP on a Mac? I could do with a little help setting up, I am new to it. Here's hoping! Shahed.
  18. O

    Is there a way to have a popup console in Xcode 8 on Mac?

    I recently started programming on a Mac from Windows, and I'm working on setting up Xcode. Is there anyway to have a popup for the console once the program is running so that it's not attached and running in the lower right-hand corner? I've tried finding solutions to this, but everything I've...
  19. M

    Why are my Mac apps crashing constantly?

    Hi PF! In the past 24 hours programs on my Macbook Pro have been incessantly crashing. I'm running OSX Yosemite 10.10.5 (I'm waiting to update until I update MATLAB so I can run it on Sierra). So far three programs have been crashing: MATLAB, Safari, and App Store. Any idea what to do? I've...
  20. M

    How to install Adobe Encoder on Mac

    Hi PF! I am trying to install Adobe Encoder on my mac, OS 10.10.5 Yosemite. When I go to their website here http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/thankyou.jsp?ftpID=5940&fileID=5969 and download it and try to open it MATLAB attempts to open it. How should I install this? On a related note, I...
  21. Const@ntine

    Could a Mac be useful for a physics student?

    Hey there! As the title implies, I'm looking for a new computer, and I'm thinking of going with a MAC this time. See, I'm in my first Semester of Physics (here we don't take courses per se, we get into a specific branch of a University and we attend the lectures mandated by said branch, we can't...
  22. M

    MAC adapter and presentation pointer

    Hi PF! Every time I try to present something from my MacBook I never have an adapter and someone else provides one. Any suggestions on brands? I was thinking of a VGA adapter since that's what seems to be popular. Also, any brands regarding presentation pointers? Thanks!
  23. F

    Mac applications backup and tranfer

    Hello Forum, I have asked several people and looked online as well on this topic. I have a mac and back all my information up using the Time Machine. 1) If I buy a new mac (new and different operating system) will I be able to transfer all the data and specifically the various computer...
  24. L

    IGOR (Mac) how to save as .pxp

    Hello, does anyone know how to save a table as a .pxp file in IGOR on a Mac computer?
  25. tony873004

    Local web page programming on a Mac

    I'm used to Windows. I open notepad or wordpad and type <html> Hello world </html> and save it as a .txt file with an .html extension. How do I do this on a Mac? It seems the free included text editor is called textEdit. But it does not allow me to save as a simple txt file with an .html...
  26. davenn

    Did Fleetwood Mac Rock the Stage at Their Concert Last Night?

    hey gang for all my fellow oldies out there and some of those younger upstarts that recognise quality music :wink: It was at the Fleetwood Mac concert last nite at the Allphones arena Sydney, Oz. These guys have been in the top 5 of my fav musicians since the mid '70's Their quality has not...
  27. S

    Engineering at Western or Mac (McGill)

    I am looking to apply to western for engineering ( go into mechatronics) and do a concurrent engineering and physics degree. Basically what that is, is a regular 4 year degree with a 5th year of pure physics. You then receive a bachelor of engineering and a physics major. I am also looking at...
  28. T

    Macbook Pro, Linux or PC for CC Physics Major?

    I'm just starting school as a Liberal Arts intending to major in Physics at my Local CC. **This question is for FUTURE REFERENCE!*** In regards to software support, what OS would I need? I've heard mixed reports & more forums leaning towards the Macbook Air / Pro side. Is this correct? I'm...
  29. dakota224

    The Highest Point for bouncing Mac Application Icons

    When Mac application icons are bouncing in the dock, does their velocity = 0 at their highest point? Here's what it looks like when you open a new application for Mac if you're not familiar. Another way I'm thinking about it: What if you have a strip of LED lights and its on a chase pattern...
  30. EJC

    Maximizing Your Mac for Physics: Tips and Tools to Get Started

    It seems like most of my physics professors use Macs vs Windows based PCs. Any insight into this trend? Why are Macs better for physics, or is that even the case?
  31. I

    Excel 2011 for Mac Mixed Reference Macros Issues

    Homework Statement Hello! I would be grateful for your help. I've tried many many times to record a mixed reference macro on my mac, and it doesn't record a thing. No problems with recording separate macros with relative or absolute reference. Problems description: I have few sheets with...
  32. M

    LaTeX Zooming In TeXShop on Mac: Tips & Tricks

    Hi PF! I'm using TeXShop on my mac and when editing the .tex file I have no way to enhance my computer to zoom so I can better see what I'm typing. Any ideas on how to do this? Thanks!
  33. Medicol

    My priorities to buy a Mac notebook

    Why I'd like to buy a Mac (currently desired level/10) 1. To learn about Mac (7/10 - the rest 3/10 is due to my time limited - I have to work on a project that I am almost being drowned at present) 2. To Port program code from Windows and test them (3/10 - because I know I only do this whenever...
  34. RoundEarVulcan

    Optical drive SSD conversion Mac

    Hi guys, I was just wondering if any macbook pro owners have successfully converted the optical drive into an area to hold an SSD. I am planning on keeping my current HDD and adding the SSD. Please let me know how it went and how much it affected the performance. (2012 MacbookPro non-retina)...
  35. D

    OS question - Mac, Windows or both?

    Hello community, I am doing research on building a computer for my son who is devoted to physics and math and wants to put together a desktop system that will last into grad school. Do we need to make allowances for using more than one operating system to allow for software compatibility...
  36. T

    Multiple Regression in Excel for Mac

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone familiar with excel on a mac can help me? Am i able to do polynomial regression with different x's who contain different amounts of elements? I have three columns, one contains 252 elements, another contains 53, and the last contains 12. They are all closing...
  37. A

    Windows vs Mac for Engineering?

    Hello all, I am currently looking at laptops to use for school. I will be going to university this fall for general engineering. I may focus on chemical, mechanical, aerospace, or biomedical engineering. I am looking for something light and portable, with long battery life, and sufficient...
  38. H

    Help with terminal project in Mac

    Hi I'm learning how to use terminal at school but there is one part of my assignment Write a command file (a .bat file on Windows, an .sh file on OSX/*nix) containing the following command: 1. navigate to the folder C:\Temp (you may assume it exists, you should create it on your own...
  39. STEMucator

    LaTeX Good latex software for mac?

    Hey guys, I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured here would be the most appropriate. Does anyone know of any good latex software for mac? Preferably one that allows me to save things in a .doc format. If it can also allow me to drag and drop photos (jpeg/jpg) format inside of...
  40. N

    Fortran Running MPI Fortran on Mac OSX

    Hi all, I have been running mpi fortran code on Linux based systems without any trouble for some time but making the same code run on a Mac is causing me some headaches. I installed mpi using the guide at: http://www.macresearch.org/compiling-mpi-f90-support-snow-leopard I am trying to run...
  41. X

    Mac or PC for nuclear engineering?

    Should I go with a PC for nuclear engineering? xholic
  42. ChristinaJ

    Mathematica Mathematica: Duplex Printing from button inside DialogNotebook on Mac

    All, I have the following code which generates a window containing the variable PrintOut and a Print button. When the print button is pressed the contents of the window are sent to the printer and simultaneously a pdf is generated. PrintOut = "Some stuff - plots, tables etc."...
  43. D

    LaTeX LaTeX Editors for Mac | Good Options for Macbook

    I just got a MacBook and I was wondering what are some of the good latex editors out there?
  44. T

    How to make a video like this on a Mac

    Now this guy makes a video very similar to how Khan Academy would. But the difference is that he can actually put well printed equations( maybe latex) into it as well as circle things to monentarely highlight while not having to erase. So, any idea what software he uses? Is this even...
  45. A

    Word Mac 2011 Section Break Difficulties

    Hello, I am having troubles ridding my research paper of this thorn in my side: It is a rather random line of dots. I have tried everything in my power to remove it, but to no avail. I am, for some odd reason, unable to highlight it. Furthermore, temporarily deleting the surrounding...
  46. N

    Fortran Why is gfortran on my mac continuously printing 'y' instead of 'Hello'?

    I just downloaded gfortran on my mac and I'm having an issue running the program. For example, when I run the following using .f90, program test write (*,*) "Hello" end program test the computer, seemingly infinitely, spews out y's: y y y y y y y ..
  47. A

    Writing essays using Lyx: Where is the mac version gone?

    Writing essays using Lyx: Where is the mac version gone?? Dear PFers, Im a young-old-time-Latex user and I always use Lyx when doing simple reports like Laboratory reports (as a good and stable GUI). Ever once in a while, I format all my electronic devices (and i mean all of them, even the...
  48. D

    MHB Using Linux? Mac or PC - Which Architecture Runs Better?

    I recently decided to switch to Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) from Windows. Do others here run Linux systems, Windows, or Macs OS? I don't use dual boot. I totally removed Windows. Start times have improved exponential and the amount of free space just from removing Windows is amazing. Which...
  49. jtbell

    Microsoft Office for Mac - Family Pack is going, going

    I'm still using the 2008 version of Microsoft Office for Mac OS, because I got it for free through my college's institutional license, and it still works under Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion). I kept my eye on the Office 2011 Family Pack (1 user / 3 installs) because it was fairly cheap (~$120 at...
  50. N

    How can I install Mac OS X on my Dell PC with Windows 8?

    I am Currently using Dell Inspiron(i5 & 4GB RAM) with dual Windows 7 and Windows 8. This time I got comfortable with Windows 8 so I want to install Mac OS X on it. How can do that.