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I'm using Word 2007 and I'm asking if anyone can give me the best way to use the equation feature, along with equation labels, in a way that looks the best.

I need the equation to be large (not limited to a single line, i.e. "display" mode), but I also need it to be centred (or left-justified with an offset) and the equation label needs to be right-justified on the same line, preferably 1-2cm right of the main text border so they are easy to locate.

I have everything in place apart from the "display" mode, and as soon as I type anything after the equation object it converts back to linear/professional. I need display mode to correctly show tall integrals and min/max conditions.

Any ideas? (please don't say learn LaTeX!)


Wrichik Basu

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You have omitted the best idea: LaTeX.

MS word is something that I won't prefer for writing a document with too many equations. It doesn't support, for example, changing justification of equation labels. Maybe it's not the best place to write such a document.

Check this out:


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