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Equations to describe physical systems

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    No, I don't mean the kind where you use equations to describe physical systems, I mean the kind where they take your picture. People have often told me that I could be a model if I wanted to be and probably make good money doing it. The whole idea of doing any kind of modeling repulses me but I was thinking it might be a good way to make a little bit of cash on the side since I'm a PhD student (and will be for a while) and get paid in peanuts.

    So, I figured I would at least entertain myself with the idea a little bit but have no clue on how this whole thing works. Does one just send pictures of themselves to an agency and people decide if your pretty enough or something? This probably isn't the best place to ask but would anyone here know how to find out if anyone would want someone such as myself as model?
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    Re: Modeling?

    I thought this thread would be about modeling complicated systems :(
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    Re: Modeling?

    1: You go to a modelling agency.
    2: They either accept or break your confidence.

    Point is though, pick the right one that targets the right people, taste is subjective and more based on 'types' than what you might think. Take Donnie Darko as a crude example, most girls would probably not find him attractive, dead eyes, clearly doesn't sleep enough, however all the girls that enjoy that film say he's cute, an opinion I share (I liked the film too).
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    Re: Modeling?

    1) Have a half-way competent photographer take your picture wearing various types of outfits. Ex: a sportswear look, a business look, etc. And a decent head shot.

    2) Have the photos printed in 8 x 10 format

    3) Write up a brief bio of yourself including phone numbers where you can be reached, times you are available for work, if you have any previous credits (I'm assuming not or you'd already have a portfolio and comp card). And when I say "write it up" I mean type it on the computer and then print it on nice paper. Not coloured paper, just quality stock paper.

    4) Make appointments with various local reputable modelling agencies

    5) Make yourself look nice and presentable

    6) Show up and hand over the pictures (to show how lovely and photogenic you are) along with your "resume-type" sheet and talk to the nice-nice person who is either going to think you can make money for them or tell you you're a total loser. Or something in between, like how to improve your photos or update your look or whatever. Be prepared for any sort of response.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Don't sign with anyone who wants to make you pay for classes with them first.

    Edited to add: Stop getting paid in peanuts. Landlords don't like peanuts.
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    Re: Modeling?

    Wow, that sounds really complicated. Where would I find a half-way decent photographer? Usually hiring a professional photographer is expensive, I wouldn't want to pay several hundred bucks to have my picture taken just so people can shoot me down.

    I kinda like Kajahtava method but I guess that would be less likely to give me any kind of job.

    I know I would at least catch one person with the title. :tongue:
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    Re: Modeling?

    That explains a lot of my jobless nature. I guess merging my CV and profile page and introducing it with a completely inappropriate quote from my sister that can ambiguously be seen as incestuous also helps to further distance myself from any commercially viable life.

    Of course, it could also be because I suck.

    I thought it was what you intended simply because of the forum it was posted in, elementary, dear Watson.
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    Re: Modeling?

    There isn't much money in modeling, unless you are a super model or don't have any real job.

    Not only you have to have an agent, but at first you are expected to do shoots and runway shows for free (if you're lucky you get the pictures for free), until you get paid something like $250 for a day with 15 work hours (before tax and the agents cut). Even if you get paid $500 for a day, you have to show up to the audition, fitting, rehearsal, and the actual show (often with full makeup and hair done), and after the agents cut and paying for gas you get maybe $10 for each hour that you put into the whole thing. It also depends where you live, LA or NY or New Mexico is a lot better than Kansas, I imagine.

    Next thing is that auditions are during weekdays in the middle of the day, as well as a lot of the jobs you might get. It seems that no one works on the weekdays in that industry. And a two day notice or even less is very common. So unless you are super flexible with your time (are you teaching?) that could be an issue.

    Try maybe model mayhem first, if they accept you and look interesting enough you might find a photographer who does a shoot for free, or at least you can ask them in the forum about further stuff. I hear it is hit or miss with that site though.

    I don't want to destroy any aspirations you may have, but I think you really need to be passionate about modeling.
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    Re: Modeling?

    My roommate is trying to get into the modeling industry and is now "auditioning" for different companies. She started by contacting a modeling agency that offers classes on appearance, dressing, manners, etc. Those classes had low requirements for admission; all they asked for to determine eligibility was a photo. I just snapped a photo of her beside the beach and she got in, even though the photo was in no way professional-looking. As I understand it, you get access to plenty of photos taken by professionals once enrolled in the class.
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    Re: Modeling?

    I've always wondered, what exactly does an agent do?

    I mean, it's similar to manager I suppose, and you see a lot of times that people that start a band basically get one of their friends or uncles to manage them. Who's usually not trained that much, can't they do it themselves then? Are there any industry secrets for being one?

    Also, the OP wasn't really that passionate it seems, was more looking for some extra easy money. Maybe prostitution is the way to go then.
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    Re: Modeling?

    Generally -- not all, but generally -- the modelling agencies that want to sell you classes are in the job of selling classes and not in the job of getting you work as a model. If your roommate goes for it, she'll likely find herself in classes with people who don't have a snowball's chance in ever doing any modelling work. However, they will teach your roommate posture and how to walk properly and how work in front of a camera.

    And Amanheis has good advice. It's not a part-time job unless you luck into some plumb situations.
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    Re: Modeling?

    I hear there is a girl named Deb who does some freakin sweet shots. She did my Uncle Rico.
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    Re: Modeling?

    I tell you what to do:eek::)
    1. You take some nice pictures of yourself
    2. You post them in PF and if PF sisterhood approve them you go through the steps mentioned by GeorginaS!

    I thought the same thing but I was hopeful it'd be about modeling job!:biggrin:
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    Re: Modeling?

    There are plenty of websites that "pair up" people who want to get into modelling and people who are interested in photography (or even want so become professional photographers). The deal is basically that you get to use the photos when contacting agencies etc, and they get to use them in their portfolios; meaning you don't have to pay anything. There are quite a few amateur photographers out there with good equipment (proper flash setups etc) and some of them even knows how to use it
    I've seen some really good work that was done that way, but I've also seen some not-so-good examples. But it is almost certainly better than asking a friend to take a picture using a compact camera.

    Also, I guess I don't have to say this but... be very, very careful. Never go to a shoot alone (bring a couple of friends) etc. Also, make sure you agree BEFORE the shoot what kind of photos you want.
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    Re: Modeling?

    I had a friend in college that modeled. She was a bit on the short side, curvy, and cute, but not your typical fashion model. She worked as a "sportswear model" as she explained to me, for places that want to show their outdoor apparel being worn by real people. There are all kinds of niches in modeling, and she got extra money during college for her work. Manufacturers/retailers of sportswear are quite organized, so there were no "show up tomorrow at 7" type calls. When they had some new lines of clothing to market, they were quite organized about it.

    As for photos, you may be able to get some decent shots from a friend with pro-sumer camera gear. For men, I often used some dramatic lighting with shadows. For women, I generally used much softer lighting (at least two light-boxes, with perhaps a backlight to accentuate their hair). Also, I worked at a fair distance, using fast 135-150mm lenses (35mm format) to minimize distortion of facial features and optimize the depth of field. If you have a photographer friend that understands how portraiture works, you might not have to shell out big bucks. Just get some shots transferred to disk, head to the big-box photo kiosk and get some prints made. Good luck.
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    Re: Modeling?

    Well, if a photographer needs a model, he or she is going to contact a model agency. They have a catalog and the photographer picks some models for an audition. Same thing if a production company needs actors, extras or stand-ins for a commercial, a tv-show, or a movie. The agent then contacts possible candidates and tells them to go to the audition and is supposed to negotiate the rates.
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    Re: Modeling?

    There are a lot of modeling specialties. :smile:

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    Re: Modeling?

    Is there a particular reason you can't do that yourself?
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    Re: Modeling?

    There is a (bad) picture of me floating around in the PF Members Photo thread that I took when I just woke up one morning. I'll post a better one if I have time later tonight. I'd rather get shot down on PF rather than spending the time and money to get shot down by an agency.

    This is ideally what I'm looking for. Just to find some niche or something and make a little bit of cash on the side. Contacting several agencies and trying to sell myself as a model just sounds like way to much work for it to be worth the extra cash.

    EDIT: Found the pic

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    Re: Modeling?

    Are you part Asian?
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    Re: Modeling?

    The agency knows whats going on in the business and is pulling professional jobs for you. I'm sure you can just reply to ads on craigslist, so yeah, you can do that yourself, but then don't be surprised if the pay sucks or the dude is a total creep. On the other hand, reputable film crews (like the one from "gamer") recruit their extras also on craigslist.
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