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Homework Help: Equilibrium force problem torque

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    there is a beam 8 meters long that is supported by two supports. the beam weighs 6kg and a weight is put 2m from the support on the right. what is the force on each of the supports?

    could someone please explain how to do this, my solutions turned out to be 49 and 88, when i believe it should be 45 and 92. i know torques have to be involved but i did it without
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    Hi gnsdraw,

    How did you get those answers?
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    there is the force weight from the beam, weight from the block, and normal on each support. can anyone tell me how to set it up, thats all i really need.
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    First, draw a FBD and label all of the forces acting on the beam.

    Include the distance from one of the end supports to mass and the other end support.

    Second, think about the requirements for equilibrium.

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