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Error Calculation in Large Set of Data

Discussion in 'Set Theory, Logic, Probability, Statistics' started by Master J, Feb 4, 2010.

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    I perform a set of measurements x. This is performed for different values of y, ie. each value of y has a set of x values. Each measurement has an error associated with it.

    There is also the value Dx, which is the difference in 2 x values. This has an error of twice the error of x.

    I then need to plot the average value of x.Dx for each y value, against that y value.

    My question is, how do I work out the error in this x.Dx that is to be plotted??
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    Why do you need errors to plot the average xDx? Did you mean "plot the error of xDx"?
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    Sorry, perhaps its confusing. Im plotting that average, but the errors would be for the error bars!
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    Can you post part of your data (or an example that looks like your data), and how you are constructing x.Dx?
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