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Homework Help: Estimate amount of possums in the park

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    1. Urula is doing a project and has caughed, tagged and released 50 possums. Estimate the population of the possums in the park. Three nights later she captures a sample.

    2. If ursula captures 20 possums and 4 of them are tagged, what would her estimate of the local possum population be?

    = 0.2
    0.2 x 100 = 20%

    50 x (100/20) = 250
    Just want to know on reassurance, Im not sure were to start here!
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    Re: Probability.

    I get 250 as well as an answer.
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    Re: Probability.

    Yes, 1/5 of the possums in the sample are tagged so, assuming that she tagged throughout the park and got her sample from throughout the park, the most reasonable assumption is that 1/5 of the possums in the park were tagged. Since she tagged 50 possums, there would be 5(50)= 250 possums in the park.
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