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A (Event generation) What information do you get...

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    What information do you get by reading that some sample production (like the W/Z for Powheg) is normalized to the NNLO cross sections?
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    The Meaning on that statement is that the total number of events is normalized to the calculated NNLO inclusive cross section.

    The production itself is done at a lower order (LO or NLO), so the shapes of all the distrubutions reflect these lower orders.

    But the total normalization is accurate to NNLO.
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    So the events get scaled by something like this:
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    The total number of events are normalised by [itex]\frac{\sigma_{NNLO}}{\sigma_{LO/NLO}}[/itex]
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    So practically:

    [itex] \sigma_{nnlo}/\sigma_{nlo} d \sigma_{nlo} /dX [/itex]

    Where X is the observable. Practically though, POWHEG samples are not actually NLO accurate for distributions, since it's NLO+PS (not fixed order).
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