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A generation is "all of the people born and living at about the same time, regarded collectively." It can also be described as, "the average period, generally considered to be about 20–⁠30 years, during which children are born and grow up, become adults, and begin to have children." In kinship terminology, it is a structural term designating the parent-child relationship. It is known as biogenesis, reproduction, or procreation in the biological sciences.
Generation is also often used synonymously with cohort in social science; under this formulation it means "people within a delineated population who experience the same significant events within a given period of time". Generations in this sense of birth cohort, also known as "social generations", are widely used in popular culture, and have been the basis for sociological analysis. Serious analysis of generations began in the nineteenth century, emerging from an increasing awareness of the possibility of permanent social change and the idea of youthful rebellion against the established social order. Some analysts believe that a generation is one of the fundamental social categories in a society, while others view its importance as being overshadowed by other factors including class, gender, race, and education, among others.

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  1. L

    Power Plant Schematic

    A power generation plant converts chemical (or nuclear) energy into electrical energy. This energy is then sent out via conductive transmission line. What would be a simple schematic for this process? That is, if we liken it to a battery, then the positive pole would be the high voltage...
  2. D

    B Could solar sails be used as turbines for power generation?

    It seems as though two advantages to using a solar sail turbine system instead of solar panels would be (1) the sails may not degrade as quickly as the solar panels, and (2) a sail turbine system may be lighter than a solar panel (and therefore less expensive to launch into orbit). The drawback...
  3. J

    I Generation of polarization-squeezed beams

    Stokes operator squeezed continuous variable polarization states https://arxiv.org/pdf/quant-ph/0208103.pdf Polarization squeezing and continuous-variable polarization entanglement https://arxiv.org/ftp/quant-ph/papers/0108/0108098.pdf I just found out from these sources that beams of light...
  4. S

    Power Fluctuations in our AC Mains Power Generation Facility

    I am currently at a power plant here in Texas and the 480VAC system swings from 480 while equipment is on line and as high as 536VAC when equipment is off line. They tell me that this is prefectly normal but I have never seen swings like this at any power plant. So, is this normal???
  5. M

    A Exploring Secondary Particle Generation from X-Ray Collisions in Geant4

    Hello, I need some articles and pictures about secondary particle generation when x-ray(with different energy) collides with silicon and aluminium materials. I am simulating this phenomenon in geant4. I just want to validate my result.
  6. N

    Composite signal generation IC in DIFAR Sonobuoys

    Hi all I came to know about an old IC called probably "HE100" which was being used in DIFAR Sonobuoys for generation of composite signal. This IC takes 'Omni', 'Sin and Cosine Dipoles' signals as input and generates composite signals using internally generated 7.5 KHz and 15 KHz carriers. This...
  7. hagopbul

    Questions about energy generation from coal

    Hello : i was watching the news , and it was all about how Europe will start the coal factories again for energy generation had a question related to reduction of coal consumption for energy generation 1 ) could we use coal fine particles instead of chunks of coal that will burn more...
  8. J

    Faraday’s law and voltage generation

    If a conductor moving through a magnetic field generates an emf, which it does, COULD a highly conductive liquid (eg: sea water) moving through said field (like a magnetic flowmeter measuring flow rate is used) generate and would it be enough to be useful?
  9. Strato Incendus

    Writing: Input Wanted Generation Ship SFV Exodus: Revised Designs

    The first thread on my fictional generation ship SFV Exodus has come to a conclusion. So I've tried to take all the advice to heart and revise the design. I've come up with two potential alternatives. In accordance with @jedishrfu, I'm creating a new thread for this (images in spoiler tags)...
  10. Algr

    Writing: Input Wanted Clone Ship vs. Generation Ship

    We've just had an interesting thread about generation ships, but I don't think that that is the most reasonable way to colonize another planet. Fatal problems: - Crew may become chaotic and self destructive. - Crew may become so adapted to space as to be unwilling to return to a planet. -...
  11. dlgoff

    Star Trek the Next Generation - The Inner Light

    I just watched this episode of Star Trek the Next Generation; The Inner Light. One of my favorites. edit: I just found this from a google search
  12. Strato Incendus

    Writing: Input Wanted Building a Generation Ship: The SFV Exodus

    Alright, time to get started on what I joined this forum for a few days ago: Checking the plausibility of the worldbuilding for my story about a generation ship. Specifically, one with falling birth rates - on its slide into totalitarianism as a result. ;) The main character is a 24-year-old...
  13. L

    Next Generation CMB satellites?

    Hi,this one as my new guy post! Any news on the next generation satellite?NASA?
  14. QuentinChe

    Common mode current generation

    Hello! I'm currently working on a project which aims to study common mode current filters. What I'd like to know is how can I generate enough common mode current in order to be able to make experiment on my filter ( its efficiency to reduce it for example) I have some constraints: -the current...
  15. L

    Medical Evolution of people within a generation?

    Are there certain things that threaten human evolution or at least threaten to make us less functional as a species? If for example we started living twice as long due to medical intervention with better health and started having children at twice the average age? Would it hurt much to have...
  16. Vin B

    Simulate mach reflection with mach stem generation using Ansys Fluent

    I need to simulate mach reflection with mach stem generation using on Ansys Fluent. The wedge angle is of 22deg at Mach 5.
  17. ShellWillis

    I Exploring the Next Generation of Set Theory: A Discussion on an Intriguing Paper

    https://www.cs.bham.ac.uk/~mhe/papers/omniscient-journal-revised.pdf Might be my favorite article I’ve ever came across I would like to see some interpretations on it to broaden my currently very narrow point of view… Have fun! -oliver
  18. C

    MATLAB Generation of a Gaussian a random process with Matlab

    Hello everyone. I am currently working with Matlab. I have a 2D gaussian kernel constructed using the muKL technique (first attached figure). I want to use it to generate realizations of a gaussian random process using the KL theorem. For that, I obtain then all eigenvectors and eigenvalues of...
  19. Callum Plunkett

    Inverting Op-amp signals and Sawtooth waveform generation

    I’ve been asked to create a sawtooth wave form with four input voltages. After doing this I then added a second op-amp to both change the range of the wave form from -/+5v to -/+2.5 and DC offset of 2.5v to create a wave form that ranges from 0v – 5v as required by the question. For the most...
  20. U

    Looking for physics based simulation for data generation

    Good day, I am working on physics based neural networks and I am investigating the role of integrating physics based loss function on the network's training. So I am looking for physics based simulation for data generation (online tools) to generate data from experiments. I know I may...
  21. maxwells_demon

    Papers on the Mathematical Basis for Using PWM for Sine-Wave Generation

    Need some sources on why PWM is widely used in inverters for DC - AC conversion applications, and their mathematical basis? Basically, I was wondering why inverters had to use PWM, instead of just getting a square wave of let's say a 50Hz frequency and just filtering out the odd order harmonics...
  22. T

    First, second, third and fourth generation + Python and Javascript

    Good Morning I have understood, as a general rule and category (and I realize all such attempts to categorize are fraught with danger), the four generations of languages, from as machine (first generation), to assembly (second generation), to compilable (third generation; e.g., C, FORTRAN) and...
  23. samstergurl

    Concentric coils for power generation

    Most generators work by rotating a coil within a magnetic field. This induces a current in the coil and can be harnessed as electricity. I was wondering if it would be possible to generate more power by using more than one coil with each one being progressively larger wrapped around the others...
  24. K

    I Using AI for Gravitational Wave Generation

    Hello! Can someone point me towards some papers that use AI for gravitational wave generation? I found many papers using AI to analyze data, but not really something where AI is used to actually generate waveforms. For example this was done for particle physics simulations to increase the speed...
  25. DarkMattrHole

    I Is the inertia of a massive object the result of gravity wave generation?

    Hi all. I just watched a great video on gravity wave 'telescopes'. So i have been wondering if any of my intuitive hunches are right about gravity waves. Accelerated masses generate gravity waves that dissipate energy.. So let's say i turn my rocket ship engine on while sitting in deep...
  26. Erik Ayer

    I The HOM Effect, Path Entanglement, and Generation

    Reading about the HOM effect, two photons come to a half-silvered mirror from opposite sides but they both end up going the same way - one always reflects while the other transmits. Which path they take is random but they both take the same path. Is the path they end up on initially a...
  27. L

    Comp Sci C++ random number generation

    The program works as intended. #include <iostream> #include <ctime> #include <cstdlib> int coinToss ();int main () { int tosses, result; std::cout << "How many coin tosses? "; std::cin >> tosses; size_t seeder = time(0); srand(seeder); for (int i = 0; i < tosses...
  28. T

    District heating vs. electricity generation

    My city has large district heating system, where the heat is generated at an incineration plant. I'm personally not a fan of district heating, and I would rather see the plant generate electricity through steam instead. I don't know if that was ever considered when the plant was built. Are there...
  29. P

    A Can decoherence be associated with heat generation?

    This question is inspired by a comment that @thephystudent made where he said that "The dephasing between the Bragg pulses is not unitary, I believe it can be explicitly written in Lindblad form and generates heat. I believe this Point of view is the same as (among others) the papers of...
  30. Quix270

    Magnet pole question in generation

    What would happen if a coil it’s exposed to a moving magnetic field with only north poles? Coils being exposed to only North Pole. Will produce alternate current or nothing?
  31. amjad-sh

    A Generation of spin and charge current due to interference and SOC

    My question may include condensed matter physics concepts but my main question is related to quantum mechanics in general, that's why I posted it here.In fact I'm working on an condensed matter physics paper, where we are dealing with a two-metal system. The interface between the two metals is...
  32. D

    Electrical Enclosed water turbine power generation

    In theory or at least in my head, it seems simple enough to me. A simple water pump, such as a pool pump pushes water through a pipe into a water turbine and recycles the water directly back to the pump. With some of the hydrogenerators I've seen out there, they produce far more power than the...
  33. J

    Fusion power generation: percentage of neutrons expected to be caught?

    Surely the real efficiency of Fusion power is the percentage of neutrons that can be caught to extract kinetic energy from. I am assuming it is the neutron that is carrying the nuclear energy that can be recovered from the fusion reaction. Now I'm pretty sure neutrons cannot be focused, so the...
  34. T

    To use Genpmaxs for PARCS XS generation

    hello everybody i have PARCS code and XS generator GENPMAXS. I am trying to generate XS from HELIOS output file (example output file given with GENPMAXS code). i am unable to do it. everytime it shows "reading Cross-section data" and do nothing. anybody working on that code, kindly give me...
  35. D

    Clear Ice industrial generation issues

    Summary: Problems generating industrial clear Ice tube. The ice is cracking and we don't know why. Summary: Problems generating industrial clear Ice tube. The ice is cracking and we don't know why. Hi all! I'm an engineer from Spain and I'm working in a new project (factory ice). We have...
  36. A

    AC Electricity Generation and Transmission over a Single Wire?

    I'm a bit confused as to why can't you transmit AC current over a single wire. For instance, say you have an AC generator which induces potential difference at different points of the wire and thus, creating current. Downstream, the wire can be split and applied to a load. When the wire is...
  37. N

    Surface Rayleigh waves generation

    Good day, I do not fully understand the physical mechanism of formation of Rayleigh waves at the free surface. While their derivation is quite clear and obey free-boundary conditions, it is not clear their physical mechanism. Could you please correct me in my discussion. Incident P-wave can...
  38. A

    Electrical generation from used water in my home

    Hi everyone. I was just out in my back garden and was watching the water from someone's shower pour down the pipe and out into a drain. I was thinking if all of the used water from my house just goes down a drain then why not try make use of it. If the water system continues after use and takes...
  39. wolram

    Generation Ships: Would You Go On One?

    I have just been reading this https://arxiv.org/pdf/1901.09542.pdf It makes me wonder if anyone would go on a generation ship, What about you? I would not.
  40. N

    US solar power generation for 2014-17

    Solar generation results for US are out for 2017. Year over year: http://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/html/epa_01_02.html https://www.eia.gov/electricity/annual/pdf/epa.pdf US: Net Generation (Thousand Megawatthours) 2014 Solar: 17691 (that's 0.43%) All sources: 4093606 US: Net Generation...
  41. N

    Crossword Puzzle Generation Algorithm

    Hey all, for a dictionary app I have to code I have to implement as crossword game as a side feature, unfortunately this is compulsory, I can't figure out a good way of finding words that intersect each other (esp words that intersect multiple others) without a hell of a lot of goto and while's...
  42. dRic2

    Entropy generation during irreversible isothermal expansion

    Sometimes I go back and think about this stuff, and I always find something I don't understand very well. Consider an irreversible isothermal expansion of an ideal gas from state ##A## to state ##B## and suppose I know the amount of heat given to the system to perform the expansion - I'll...
  43. H

    Spark generation in capacitors

    If we directly connect the two plates of an ideal charged parallel-plate capacitor, a spark will generate. What is the exact reason of spark?
  44. yecko

    Conduction with thermal energy generation

    Homework Statement I am wrong in my attempt, yet I can't figure out the reason why... Homework Equations (solution with h=250 W/m^2*K instead of 350 W/m^2*K) The Attempt at a Solution This is how I obtain the answers, which I checked all the calculations and I don't think there is...
  45. Korak Biswas

    A Quantum Optics: Squeezed light generation

    Theoretically, squeezed state can be generated using a process called 'parametric down conversion'. I was going through the literature and found that people performed 'second harmonic generation' before doing 'parametric down conversion'. Can anyone tell me why simple harmonic generation is...
  46. Math Amateur

    MHB Generation of Modules .... Dummit and Foote, Section 10.3 .... ....

    I am reading Dummit and Foote's book: "Abstract Algebra" (Third Edition) ... I am currently studying Chapter 10: Introduction to Module Theory ... ... I need some help with an aspect of Dummit and Foote's Section 10.3 Basic Generation of Modules, Direct Sums and Free Modules ... ... The...
  47. N

    I "Thermal" neutrino generation?

    Consider the Sun. It radiates energy by generating EM radiation. However, Sun is not transparent to EM, and therefore energy can only escape from the surface using this mechanism. Hot plasma below the surface generates and absorbs gazillions of photons, but they are "trapped" there. But EM is...
  48. Talal

    Foam generation in microfluidics

    For an experiment I am running, I am trying to generate 80% foam quality in a 100 x 50 micron^2 channel. My question is, how can I achieve 80% quality dynamic foam ? I came across many papers that use Injection pressure ratio between gas and water. Other papers use flow rate ratios. I am a bit...