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Exam Questions in Engineering Mathematics

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    Does anyone know where I can find engineering exam questions on the web. I am trying to do a survey of various questions from different universities.
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    Just look for questions on topics that are taught in Engineering Maths. I study EE at university, so if you like I could tell you the topics we cover.
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    Would like to know which topics you cover in the EE course.
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    Ok. A level maths (or similar) is needed to study EE (in most places in england). If you type 'OCR past papers' into google, there should be some past maths papers you can look at there.

    In the first year the A level syllabus was recapped. We then went on to look at:

    Intergration and differentiation in more detail

    Series - Maclaurin's, Taylor's, LaHopital's rule and binomial

    Complex Numbers - Argand Diagrams, Polar Cordinates, exponential form etc

    Matrix Algebra - Determinants, Transpose, Gauss Elemination, Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors etc

    Boolen Algebra

    First and second order differential equations

    In the second year we have studied:

    Laplace Transforms (using a table of transforms and rules, not having to intergrate much)

    Partial Differentiation, multiple integrals

    Fourier Series + convolution and correlation
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