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Exam results bad:How do I build momentum for the rest of the exams

  1. Mar 10, 2014 #1
    I got the exam results for one of my most favourite subjects today-Dynamics of Machines,and it was horrible. Luckily I just managed to scrape through. In my university(German one),getting a very good grade is tougher than the University in my home town. I feel devastated because it was a oral exam and I blurted-out some wrong answers. If this was a company interview,I would have blown-it. Some tips on how I could prepare myself for a oral exam?(No friends taking the same courses to practice mock tests).

    I have an exam coming-up in a few days and would ofcourse like to score well on it.How do I get my spirits back-up again?
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    How about figuring out why you made those mistakes, i.e. why did you blurted out the wrong answers? Did you simply not know the right answers, or did you not pay attention to the exact question?

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