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How do I manage how much of each subject I study?

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    Well, for my day schedule, I spent weekdays solely on homework and my studies. I come home after school and some activities around 6:00 PM. And from 6 to 10-11 I do my homework first. So any problems, essays, etc that are for school I do.

    The rest of the things that I do are:

    SAT prep
    AP Bio Exam Prep
    Self-Teaching Physics (I'm taking Physics 1 in high school but a horrible teacher so I self-teach from the textbook)
    Read and work a lesson ahead in Pre-Calculus/Trig

    The math isn't really part of the others because I do that for fun and do the extra problems for fun. I don't have a big problem with that.

    But how can I balance SAT, AP, and Physics studying at night? Should I do just one each night and rotate them every 3 days or should I do a little of them each night...or???

    Thanks. It's getting really stressful thinking about trying to get a 4 on the AP Bio exam (which I doubt), getting a good score for SAT's, and trying to learn Physics (which I hated because of the teacher but just reading and working in the first 2 chapters I've learned more in those than I did all year and Physics really is a "fun" and fascinating subject.)
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    If you follow your proposed plan, then the best mode of action would be to try and go ahead in all of the subjects. This way when you are studying for another subject you won't fall behind in the others. But if you ask me, this is probably unnecessary. What I usually did in school, was try to self-teach myself every course - or at least every course since I wanted some experience before I went into University.

    But what I usually did was assign one hour to each course, and I just kept switching between each course. So one hour Bio, one hour Physics, one hour SAT Prep, etc... If I had enough time I could sometimes do something like 2 full rounds or almost 3 rounds of studying every course each night.

    I also noticed that with this system I could go way ahead of my class which allowed me to understand my teachers classes better.
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