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Excel Error Bars (!)

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    Okay, I'm in a bit of a rush: Can you put error bars on INDIVIDUAL points in Excel? I found the "custom" setting for the error bars, but you can only add custom error bars for ALL points. I'm looking for a way to mark errors for each point individually. Is there any way to do that?

    I have Excel 2008 for iOS.

    Thanks already,
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    I don't know about the IOS version, but in the Mac OS version (2011), when I get the box with fields for the + and - error values, there are little chart icons next to the fields. Clicking on one of those icons lets me select a column (or row) that contains the error values, which can be different for each point. They can also be different for + and -.
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    I don't do Excel, but, can you plan ahead and split your points into two different series so that you can apply the error bar setting to one of them?...just an idea, not knowing any better.
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