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Homework Help: Excel/MINITAB graphing - scaling the x axis

  1. Feb 24, 2010 #1
    I'm trying to make a bar graph from data which were taken at irregular intervals over 100m. I want the x-axis to be scaled instead of showing each data point one after another. (i.e. I'm coming out with 1-4-5 when I want 1-----4-5). I hope this makes sense - I'm not sure of the proper terminology :/
    I've been trying to do this on excel 2007, but I also have access to minitab (newer version - don't know which one exactly since I'm not at school).
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    You could change it to a histogram and adjust your values accordingly. It should have a scaled axis in that case.
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    Thanks for replying :) I tried a histogram but then it just gave me counts... but since we can draw things by hand I've decided to make a scatterplot and just draw bars overtop since I can't seem to get the whole thing to work out
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