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Excitation energy of quantum dots

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    i saw these parameter, excitation energy & distribution energy, in structure which have quantum dots with superlattice, and i didn't have any idea about it.
    can you give me definition or physical explanation about these parameters.
    Thank you.
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    In this forum, we encourage people to cite their sources and also show what they have done to find the answers for themselves first.

    So where did you read about those parameters, and what had you tried to do on your own to figure out what they are. What is your educational background and what do you know?

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    IM new student in characterization of quantum devices, and i want to investigate the quantum dots in my structure, which is composed with GaAs/AlAs superlattice and InAs QDs, by capacitance spectrosopy.
    In my research of quantum dots devices, i have some difficulties to understand some parameters like-energy distribution and exitation energy that i would like to give me a physical explanation about it.
    thank you.
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